Robi Domingo is ‘Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition Doubles’ Challenge Master

Robi Domingo is one of the most visible hosts on TV after being involved in various ABS-CBN reality shows. But this time, Robi takes on a unique and hefty task as one of the challenge masters in “The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition Doubles.”


“It’s a tall order to be part of the show because we have Matteo (Guidicelli), who has joined a lot of triathlon competitions, Iza (Calzado) is always into fitness, and coaches Jim and Toni Saret are like a demi-god couple. Knowing my colleagues, my challenge is to step up from my usual training,” said Robi.
As preparation, Robi also read a book on the psychology of obesity. “I have to know what runs through the mind of obese people, so I know how to deal with their emotions,” he revealed.

Robi, together with Matteo, will give out challenges to the 14 pairs of overweight contestants who will compete in the reality show to have a health and a better life.

“My role in the show is to guide the participants in their journey from being that big person with lots of baggage to that person with a big heart,” said Robi.

“We won’t just help them lose weight, but we will also help them heal their emotional scars. We’re there to make them realize that this is what happened to them, but they can do something about it. No more excuses,” he explained.

Returning as fitness coach in “Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition Doubles” is Jim Saret. But this time, he will be joined by his wife Toni Saret to prescribe exercise programs to the contestants.

“It’s always an honor to be part of the show because I get to touch a lot of lives, inspire a lot of people, and Biggest Loser’s reach is unmatched, worldwide. I’m doubly honored because I’m teaming up with my wife,” shared coach Jim.

Despite this, he admitted to the pressure to make the contestants lose weight and see only the best results, as his and Toni’s names are at stake.

“But we’re so excited, because Toni and I know each other so well and she knows my standards when it comes to fitness. We will give our 200 percent to contribute to the show’s success,” he said.

Coach Toni, meanwhile, said many Filipinos will be encouraged by “Biggest Loser Doubles” to get fit.
“Our workout routines are everything you would be surprised your body would do. It is something that’s never been done before, even by any foreign versions of the Biggest Loser franchise. That’s what the viewers should watch out for. We’re going to bring fitness to everyone,” coach Toni declared.

She also described the “Doubles” edition as one-of-a-kind as it will stress the importance of having a partner who has the same weight loss goals.

“There’s mutual support and concern. It’s not just you for yourself. It’s going to be more crucial now. Everything else that would complement and ruin it will be part and parcel of the dynamics,” she said.

On February 3, host Iza Calzado will introduce the 14 pairs of overweight Filipinos who will face difficult challenges and live in a camp where they will undergo rigorous training.

Robi and Team

Each pair is expected to do everything it takes to stay in the competition and encourage each other to lose weight —a twist that will also test their relationship as relatives, work colleagues, or friends and will show that in having a partner, the journey to a better life will be lighter.

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