Love and Sanity Collide in TV5’s Edgy Primetime Drama ‘Obsession’

Pushing the boundaries of love and sanity, a young woman driven by heartbreak undergoes extensive cosmetic surgery to make her former boyfriend fall in love with her again.


This is the intriguing premise of TV5’s newest Thursday primetime series Obsession, the network’s first drama offering for 2014. Topbilled by Marvin Agustin, Martin Escudero, Neri Naig and Bianca King, Obsession is a psycho-drama that revolves on love, revenge, and how too much of both can go against the limits of human sanity.

The story centers on the life of Bernadette (Neri Naig), a chemist in a successful beauty company that develops different vanity products. Growing up in a world where she is always second-best, Bernadette became highly insecure and unhappy about herself. Her relationships were short-lived because of her tendency to be possessive. This changed when she met James (Martin Escudero), a playboy who made Bernadette fall for him. Bernadette became obsessively in-love with James, which caused their eventual breakup.

Ramon (Marvin Agustin), a famous cosmetic surgeon and a self-made billionaire, finds Bernadette in distress. He offers Bernadette a chance for a new life by taking part in his company’s experimental procedure —a procedure that involves changing her face and identity. Various psychological and emotional therapies were done to prepare Bernadette for the actual surgery. Bernadette becomes Vanessa (Bianca King), determined to seek revenge by making James fall in love with her again.

But as Vanessa gets absorbed in her manipulative schemes, Ramon also becomes obsessively in-love with his creation and is willing to move heaven and earth just to satisfy his obsession.

Will Bernadette be successful in her plans to make James fall in love with her again? Or is it Ramon who will capture the heart of his muse, Vanessa? In a twisted story of love and deceit, who will win in a game where people are not what they seem?


Completing the cast are Elizabeth Oropesa who will portray Regina, a surgeon and the patronizing mother of Ramon; and Maureen Mauricio as Eliza, the overprotective mother of Bernadette who is willing to give up her career to take care of her child.

Obsession is directed by Direk Jay Altarejos and will heat up Thursday primetime starting on January 23, 8pm on TV5.


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