Viral Video: Tearjerking Jollibee ‘Taxi Driver’ Ad

Move over Jessy Mendiola viral videos for McDonald’s or better yet, just prepare your hankies and a lot of tissue paper for this one.

Taxi Driver

This video ad released by Jollibee, a Filipino-originated fast food chain, which is direct competitor of McDonald’s is now getting viral online since it was posted on YouTube on December 13, just a week after the ‘surprised Jessy Mendiola video’ on December 5.

The Jollibee video ad features Mang Mon, a Taxi Driver for over 15 years who had a stopover at Jollibee but was surprised by a video call from her daughter who is working abroad.

While Mang Mon shed some tears, we can’t stop ourselves but cry with him as well. Every Overseas Filipino Worker out there, and their families could definitely relate. Jollibee offers free video call during the Holiday Seasons. We’re not sure though of the list of participating stores for now. We’ll find out and let you know.

The Jollibee video has over 66,000 views as of this posting while McDo’s got around 431,000 views.

We loved Jessy Mendiola, she’s gorgeous and I know a few male friends who really adore her, so you’d know that we have nothing against.

Unlike that of Jollibee, McDonald’s ad appears scripted. So while it makes men happily jealous of the men in the ad, it does nothing but just that. So while the former lacks a gorgeous Maria Mercedes (Mendiola) and the drums and the cute men, it speaks directly to the heart. One of only a few very meaningful video ads we’ve seen so far. Kudos, Jollibee!


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