Daniel Padilla Goes Topless in ‘Got to Believe’

Last night's episode of "Got to Believe" trended worldwide because of one scene that delighted all KathNiel fans in and out of the country: Daniel Padilla took his shirt off!


In the said episode, the character of Daniel (Joaquin) posed shirtless to be the subject of Kathryn’s (Chichay) artwork for a school project as the latter is gearing up for scholarship. Dominic (Jon Lucas) was supposed to be Chichay’s model but Joaquin volunteered to replace him. He thought Chichay will be more comfortable if he will become the subject of her artwork but he has no idea that he will need to go topless for the stint.

Photo Credit: KathNiel Facebook Page

3 Comments on Daniel Padilla Goes Topless in ‘Got to Believe’

  1. nice !! cute!!

  2. kryztinaaa // November 22, 2013 at 5:03 pm //

    hindi na kailangan ni DJ ang abs, ang hot na nya sa ganyan.. 🙂

  3. grrrr..

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