Miss Universe 2013 – Question and Answer Transcript

Miss Universe 2013 Question and Answer portion came right after the Top 5 were announced.


If it is to be based on the answers and how they answered the question, winner would be Ariella Arida of the Philippines. She was the only one who spoke in English while the four other Latina finalists answered with a translator.

I didn’t get the answers verbatim but I think at least I got the gist of it. We will update with videos shortly.

Question to Miss Ecuador: What will happen to the world when there’s no internet?

Miss Ecuador’s Answer: Technology has advantages and disadvantages. We are no longer close to our families. Tell the teenagers to use the internet in a positive way. It is not too late to change.

Question to Miss Brazil: What is your opinion on places who do not allow women to vote, travel abroad?

Miss Brazil’s answer: We as women achieve our independence through time. We need to keep our open minds. We are capable of everything.


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