ABS-CBN News Updates Comelec Halalan App for Oct 28 Barangay Elections

The voting system may have reverted back to its old ballot form but the Comelec Halalan mobile application continues to update to fit the needs of voters in time for the Barangay elections this Monday (Oct 28).

HalalanApp recently launched the latest version of its breakthrough mobile app in partnership with the Commission on Elections and is now downloadable for free on various Android, iOS, and Windows operated smartphones and tablets.

Through the Comelec Halalan 2013 App, voters can check their voter status and registration details, including their polling place and precincts. It also provides the latest news on the local polls coming ABS-CBN News and the Comelec.

The app also has the “Halalan 101” feature which contains infographics on how to vote, and what voters should bring to the polling place on election day. It also has interesting details on the barangay polls such as the history of the barangay, and statistics provided by the election commission.

The Comelec Halalan app proved to be very useful during the recent midterm elections especially to the 215,000 Filipinos worldwide who checked their voter status and tried to find out their eligibility to vote for the 2013 midterm elections.

According to a report by, the app averaged 27,000 installs a month on Android in 2013, and registered 70,140 installs in May 2013 alone. Its page views also climbed from 64,741 in January to 204,371 in April, and 3,648,326 in May.

Meanwhile, on iOS, the app averaged 20,000 installs each month in 2013, culminating in 83,563 in May. Page views began climbing at 76,951 in January, and hit 3,071,725 in May.

ABS-CBN News is the pioneer in voter education using modern mobile technology. Aside from the Comelec Halalan 2013 app, ABS-CBN News also provides the most up-to-date news on information on the barangay polls through its Halalan 2013 website at

It also produced an online counterpart of the on-air Kampanyaserye features through the Kampanyaserye microsite ( where netizens can watch eight special Kampanyaseryes that talk about various issues concerning voters about the barangay and the upcoming elections.


Be updated online with ABS-CBN News. Download the Comelec Halalan application now and visit the Halalan 2013 and Kampanyaserye websites.

Keep tuning in on ABS-CBN for the most comprehensive coverage of the Barangay Halalan this Monday (Oct 28)

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