‘Halalan 2013 App’ Provides Precint Finder, List of Candidates and Election Results

Find your precinct, list of candidates, and the results of the elections straight from the Commission on Elections (Comelec) during polls this Monday (May 13) by downloading and using the ABS-CBN's COMELEC-Halalan 2013 mobile application on your smartphones and tablets.


“With just one click, app users can view the latest aggregated, partial and unofficial election results on both national and local polls. With this app we hope to empower our citizens, and encourage them to be vigilant on Election Day,” said Arlene Burgos, head for social media and mobile.

The COMELEC-Halalan 2013 mobile application, which is the first and only COMELEC app created by the government agency in partnership with a TV network, also offers users pertinent information on voting with its “Halalan 101” feature, as well as profiles of all national and local candidates, including party-lists, in its “Candidates” feature.

Filipinos can also use the app’s “My Status” feature to know their designated precincts, as well as the “My Ballot” feature wherein they can tick the names of their chosen candidates in preparation for when they go to their precincts to cast their votes.

ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs has been providing Filipinos with election-related information since it launched “Halalan 2013” a year before the May elections and engaged them via the citizen journalism campaign “Bayan Mo, iPatrol Mo” to help the electorate make informed choices as to how they want the country to move forward.

Online, ABS-CBN has partnered with IBM Philippines to pioneer a social media tracker service to make sense of the social media buzz and provide snapshots of netizens’ commentaries and conversations about the candidates, whether positive or negative.

“Social media is an interesting, emerging sphere in terms of the entire democratic exercises we are having. This is a good exercise because it allows you to see or gives you a “screenshot” of the voices there,” said Burgos.

The social media tracker can be accessed via the Halalan 2013 microsite and gauges social media pulse in two ways — via the “Head to Head” and “Battlefield” features.

In “Head to Head”, the user’s chosen senatorial bets are pitted against each other and the social media tracker will provide information on what the online community feels based on social media posts about them. The “Battlefield” feature, on the other hand, presents the top 16 most-talked about senatorial candidates on social media ranked according to their share of “voice”, or the amount of posts they make or are made about them on Twitter and Facebook.

Both features are updated every 24 hours. From May 11 to 13, however, these will be updated every hour.

“We admit that this is not representative, at this point, of the actual political landscape we have. This is also not an indicator of the Filipinos’ general sentiments,” Burgos cautioned.

Be empowered this Election Day with ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs digital offerings. Download the latest version of the COMELEC-Halalan 2013 application for Android and iOS devices, and Windows phones. Listen to what netizens have to say via the social media tracker feature of the Halalan 2013 microsite at .

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