‘The Wolverine’ – Movie Review

Decent narrative & well-choreographed fight scenes elevated the second Wolverine movie from the first. This pretty much summed up The Lifestyle Hub's review on the Hugh Jackman starrer.


An atomic bomb was dropped and wiped out Nagasaki. It was a surprise fondle on history by an X-Men movie and a nice oriental reroute by an American fictional hero but if there was a measly one point disadvantage on how the story went, the Wolverine put on a great show with the well-choreographed fight scenes and a welcomed twist with the stripping of the mutant’s immortality.

A fight scene on top of a moving train may not be original but the team of Christopher McQuarrie, Mark Bomback and Scott Frank (the screenwriters) used a bullet train and incorporated the Tokyo background to make the action sequence among the film’s highlights. Another one of my favorite scenes was how Viper’s character, portrayed by the voluptuous Svetlana Khodchenkova, was terminated. Her evilness was exposed long enough in the movie that you want to see her in a slow and painful death. It wasn’t given at first but the her second death scene made me clap in satisfaction.


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