Janice Javier – ‘Natural Woman’ – The Voice of the Philippines (Video)

Janice Javier became the fourth 4-chair turner and the second "The Voice of the Philippines" contestant to trend worldwide on Twitter after her rendition of Aretha Franklin's "Natural Woman."


Sarah Geronimo said “You sounded like a black woman…rinig na rining talaga na hasang hasa na kayo kumanta, seasoned ‘yung boses ninyo. Bakit ba naunahan ako ni Apl. Wala na po ako kailangang ituro sa inyo kasi mas magaling po kayo sa akin kumanta

Bamboo said “I’m sorry Sarah I have to cut it. Janice, Janice, you are the real deal. You are the reason why I’m on the show…you belong here on my team. Wala na tayong gagawin eh. said “Janice, that was a slam dunk right there. We got a lot to do, not in your singing, but to get you internationally known. I know I’m using that weapon but I want you and we can do so much together.”

Lea Salonga said “You made me so happy just now. You blew me away, grabe ka. Your performance there was perfection.”

Watch Janice’s sensational performance here:

4 Comments on Janice Javier – ‘Natural Woman’ – The Voice of the Philippines (Video)

  1. Anonymous // July 16, 2013 at 9:47 am //

    ung kumanta ng uwahig

  2. Oops, correction. Juvie Pelos, I mean

  3. I think it’s Juvie Pelaso who’s the fourth 4-chair turner. Pang-fifth si Janice

  4. team APL. 🙂

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