Instagang – July 14 Performance – Sunday All Stars (Video)

Check out the July 14 performance of "Instagang" led by Glaiza de Castro in Sunday All Stars.

Team members include Christian Bautista, Glaiza de Castro, Bea Binene, Jay R, AicelleSantos, Kristoffer Martin, Winwyn Marquez, Julian Trono and Solenn Heussaff, together with the MNVRS.

July 14 Insta by jeng0115

3 Comments on Instagang – July 14 Performance – Sunday All Stars (Video)

  1. Intensity // July 17, 2013 at 7:05 am //

    tsk tsk tsk Nagsisisi ka na ba Christian Bautista?? You should blame your manager Carlo Orosa for the wrong career move. Haayyyy…nasa huli talaga pagsisisi…

  2. Over-reliance on guests (because this time less team members were present) =CONTRIBUTES TO THE MOST SUBPAR PERFORMANCE IN THIS EPISODE FOR ME (like “Instagang”‘s problem when they performed in the first two episodes).

  3. “INSTAGANG” is doing better this time around with their theatrical-like performance, under a new leader who wants “all team members present at the actual performance” (may help).

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