Demandahan: Anthony Examines Process of Marriage Annulment

Broadcast journalist Anthony Taberna looks into the process of the annulment of marriage in the country tomorrow (June 6) in “Pinoy True Stories: Demandahan.”

In the episode, Anthony reviews the annulment case of “Allan” and “Kathleen” that was tried before the Supreme Court in 2011. After three years of marriage, Allan filed for annulment because of their frequent fights over Kathleen’s excessive shopping and late-night partying. Moreover, Allan also questioned Kathleen’s fidelity.

Allan cited his wife’s psychological incapacity, specifically, her narcissistic personality disorder. Psychological incapacity is the most common ground for annulment in the country but is very difficult to prove.

Was he able to establish Kathleen’s psychological incapacity? Did the court grant the annulment of their marriage?

Watch “Demandahan” tomorrow (June 6), 4:45 PM on ABS-CBN Kapamilya Gold. For updates, follow @PinoyTruStories on Twitter.

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