Comedian Drops 106 Pounds with the Help of Gastric-Sleeve Surgery

51-year-old stand up comedian Lisa Lampanelli said in an interview that she lost a whopping 106 pounds with gastric-sleeve surgery.


“I’ve lost a total of 106 pounds. I feel like I’ve reached the weight I’m supposed to be. I’m officially a skinny b*tch!” she said.

The former Celebrity Apprentice contestant started undergoing the procedure in April 2012 when she still weighs 248 pounds. Three-quarters of her stomach were removed to create a small sleeve-shaped stomach, about the size of a banana prompting her to eat smaller portions.

“The size I am right now is the size I was always meant to be. And one of the best parts of losing weight has been the clothing! I roll up to Macy’s and go to the sales rack and see how much I can get for as little amount of money! It’s almost like a game for me!” she said.

The comedian, who now weighs 142 pounds, has been cracking jokes about her weight loss on Twitter.

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