‘Never Say Goodbye’ Reveals Major Twists on its Last 2 Weeks

Tensions rise and tempers reach record highs as Never Say Goodbye reaches its exciting climax. The TV5 romantic drama may be counting down to its last two weeks but viewers will be thrilled to know that some of the most riveting dramatic sequences have yet to reach the small screen. Fans of the show, as well as those of its stars, should watch out for major twists as Never Say Goodbye’s cast of characters get even more desperate to find their happily-ever-afters.

NSG - Nora Aunor

The men in Marta’s (Nora Aunor) life—Javier (Cesar Montano), Dindo (Gardo Versoza) and William (Vin Abrenica)—have yet to come to terms with her amnesia. She only remembers her past romance with Javier, something her husband and son struggle with. However, a single gunshot quickly spells tragedy during the reunion of the former lovers.

For young lovers William and Kate (Sophie Albert), another chance at happiness beckons but Troy (Edgar Allan Guzman) is determined to keep them apart. Kate herself has not accepted the fact that Greta (Rita Avila), the flamboyant socialite who keeps butting heads with her adoptive mother Criselda (Alice Dixson), is her biological mother.

NSG - Cesar Montano

For her part, Criselda is hell-bent on settling the score with Greta—even resorting to threatening the life of Kate just to get her rival’s undivided attention. Because of this, Never Say Goodbye’s two lead actresses will finally come to blows where the better (and more bitter, perhaps?) woman will survive.

NSG - Alice Dixson

Fans will not want to miss a single scene as Never Say Goodbye’s grand finale draws near. The romantic drama airs every week night at 7:30 PM on TV5 right after Kidlat.

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