Cinema One Originals’ ‘Mariposa’ to be Screened in the Far East Film Festival in Italy

The highly acclaimed Cinema One Originals’ "Mariposa (Sa Hawla ng Gabi)," which stars Erich Gonzales, has been chosen to be included in the prestigious Far East Film estival in Udine, Italy.

Directed by visionary indie filmmaker Richard V. Somes, the psycho-action thriller tells the tale of an innocent woman, played by Erich, who unravels horrible truths while in search of her long lost sister, threading together intense moments shot in the hidden areas of Manila.

The unique rawness depicted in Mariposa successfully takes the local film scene to whole new levels, exposing how the values of innocence, helplessness, and justice are brutally translated in today’s day and age. A daring revelation on how aggressive struggles really are, this edgy work of art takes things even further by having the movie’s main star take center stage, portraying a role that demands an unexpected sense of versatility from Erich that took viewers by surprise.

“Mariposa” will be shown from April 19 to April 27 at the Far East Film Festival. The annual Far East Film Festival, now on its 15th year, is the biggest European film festival that showcases East Asian films.

The Cinema One Originals Festival is an annual project of Cinema One, the country’s number one cable channel. Follow Cinema One channel @cinema_one on Twitter and ‘like’ it on Facebook at

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