Controversial Pimentel-Zubiri Word War Airs this Sunday

Watch the controversial debate between senatorial candidates Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III and Juan Miguel Zubiri that turned personal when Zubiri accused Pimentel of abusing his wife in Studio 23’s “Mano Mano ni Anthony Taberna” this Sunday (Mar 17).

Zubiri vs Pimentel (1)

It was the first time for Pimentel and Zubiri to face each other in a TV debate since the campaign period started. Pimentel brought up Zubiri’s alleged involvement in the 2007 electoral fraud case. Zubiri reiterated that he was not involved in any form of cheating and that he had already proven his integrity when he resigned from his post in 2011. Towards the end of the debate, Zubiri dropped the bomb and made the controversial allegation against Pimentel. Zubiri revealed that Pimentel’s wife, Jewel Lobaton, allegedly recounted to him and his wife how she was abused by her husband. Pimentel belied Zubiri’s claims and said that it’s impossible for him to abuse his wife because her mother lives with them in one roof. He even threatened to file libel charges against Zubiri. Watch the full debate in “Mano Mano ni Anthony Taberna” this Sunday (Mar 17), 8 PM on Studio 23.

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