Anthony Taberna Confronts Kris Aquino’s ‘Husband’ in ‘Mano Mano’

Broadcast journalist Anthony Taberna goes face to face with Daniel Magtira, an electrician who claims to be Kris Aquino’s husband this Sunday (Dec 23) in “Mano Mano ni Anthony Taberna.” Joining him in an interesting discussion about various national issues are two other so called “Nuisance candidates” who were disqualified by the COMELEC— accomplished journalist Melchor Chavez who was three spots away from winning a senatorial seat during the 1992 elections and engineer Aeric Bernardino who has an advocacy for restructuring the Philippine lottery so that more people can win the grand prize. All of them are equally driven and passionate about their various thrusts, but were disqualified by the COMELEC. Why didn’t they make the cut to run as future leaders of the country? What are their plans if ever they get elected? Find out answers in “Mano Mano ni Anthony Taberna” this Sunday (Dec 23), 8:30 PM on Studio 23 with replays every Monday at 7 AM.

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