Gus Abelgas Probes Murder of Laguna Cop in ‘SOCO’

Broadcast journalist Gus Abelgas looks into the murder of a Laguna police officer in which a former mayor and vice mayor are being floated as masterminds this Saturday (March 9) in “SOCO.”

SPO3 Francisco “Gary” Garcia was riding a bike when a car sideswiped him. While Gary was picking himself up, a man stepped out of the car and shot him, then immediately rode the car to escape. It may have seemed like a vehicular accident, but the seven gunshot wounds in the victim’s body tell otherwise.

Mabitac, Laguna’s former mayor Felix Carpio and and then vice mayor Judeo Carpio even visited SPO3 Garcia’s wake. The victim’s wife reportedly had a hunch that the two ordered the killing of her husband but didn’t know how to prove it.

A deaf mute witness surfaced and implicated the Carpios as the masterminds of the crime and their bodyguard, former police officer Jose Era as the gunman. Another witness also appeared and validated the first witness’ statement.
Will the influential politicians face the law? What was the motive in killing the police officer?

Watch Gus’ full report in “SOCO: Scene of the Crime Operatives” this Saturday (March 9) after “Showbiz Inside Report” on ABS-CBN. For updates on the program, like /Abs-Cbn-SOCO. To watch the last three episodes of “SOCO,” visit

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