Successful Hostage Rescue Mission Highlights SOCO’s 7th Anniversary

Gus Abelgas outlines the anatomy of a successful hostage rescue mission in the special 7th anniversary episode of “SOCO” this Saturday (Nov 24).

The episode will focus on the 24-hour hostage drama that took it place in Olongapo City in April this year that involved two minors being held captive in the other’s own home.

The suspect Francisco Mamolo was eventually arrested during the police’s final assault after hours of failed negotiations. Police investigation revealed that the suspect, who was found to have no criminal record, was just jaded after losing his job when his wife was pregnant.

What should a victim do to survive an abduction? How should the authorities negotiate with the suspect to ensure safety of the hostages?

Gus also examines the different types of hostage takers and what goes on in their minds in the midst of the situation.

Watch the 7th anniversary episode of “SOCO: Scene of the Crime Operatives” this Saturday (Nov 24) “Showbiz Inside Report” on ABS-CBN. For updates on the program, like To watch the last three episodes of “Krusada,” visit

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