Donita Rose Shares Her Inspiring Love Story in ‘Higit sa Lahat…Pag-ibig!’

It was her captivating smile, good looks, “kalog” attitude and charming personality that captured the hearts of many, not to mention her popularity as a celebrity.

Donita Rose

These qualities definitely made her the dream girl of bachelors. Yet despite of the many young and handsome faces in showbiz, only one man victoriously got her sweet yes and ended up marrying her. It was Eric Villarama who got the key to Donita’s heart.

During the course of their boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, Eric and Donita admitted having tough times dealing with temptations when it comes to their physical intimacy. Despite their faith and convictions as Christians, there were times self-control was out of hand.

So after they got engaged, the lovely couple decided to keep themselves pure by abstaining from any sexual activity until their marriage.

“One of the greatest things that encouraged me to be pure is that I have experienced a life without God and I have experienced having God. When you experience the presence of God, pag nawawala sya parang it’s the worst feeling ever. So sabi ko, ayoko na magkasala. I want to be pure because I always want to have God with me.”

Thankfully for Donita, Eric was God-fearing and he also had convictions. “He told me he was willing to way, and so we set some parameters around us. “Before, we used to kiss on the lips, but our friend Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan challenged us to pray and fast that we stop kissing on the lips before the wedding. It was hard but we wanted God’s presence to be on our wedding, so we decided to do it,” Donita confessed.

She added, “The first month was really hard. But after a while, we got used to just hugging. I realized that kissing leads to other things. And that’s where we both stumble. So I drew the line at kissing.”

“Also, we don’t end up going places where we can be alone and be tempted. We can be together as long as we’re in public. No physical intimacy, we decided we can hold hands pero hanggang dun lang.”
According the the VJ-actress, there are many ways to be intimate without being physical. The little sweet things that Eric does for her like bringing her flowers and writing her love letters, and the things that they do together like praying, studying God’s word, and playing sports are all acts on intimacy that she truly cherishes.

Eric and Donita finished their race through accountability. They also had premarital counseling together and of course, they prayed a lot. When day of their wedding finally came, the two lovebirds couldn’t be happier. Upon hearing the Pastor’s words: “You may now kiss the bride”, Eric and Donita knew the wait’s finally over.

And as for Donita, her second first kiss was all worth the wait. “It was like kissing for the first time again. It was the sweetest kiss ever. I have no regrets we waited. In fact, I am so glad we did.”
Were you inspired with Donita and Eric Villarama’s love story?

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