Experience True Love Via the TV Special ‘Higit sa Lahat…Pag-ibig!’

Just how true is the saying “Love conquers all”? Is there such a love that covers a multitude of wrongs and never gives up? Is there a love that never gets tired?

Higit Sa Lahat Pag-ibig Banner

Yes, there is! And YOU can experience it—a love that never fails, a love that lasts forever.

This love month, join The 700 Club Asia as it celebrates a higher kind of love this February. Discover the many faces of love as we showcase exciting and endearing stories of how hopelessness, poverty, and sin were overcome by the power of genuine love in its many forms.

Catch all these stories straight from the heart, in our weeklong TV special, “Higit sa Lahat… Pag-ibig!”

Mark your calendars! February 18 to 22, 2013, LIVE at 11:00 p.m. on GMA News TV and via webcast at

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