Ramon Bautista – ‘Da Moves’ TVC

Comedian-slash-filmmaker-slash-film teacher Ramon Bautista showcase his "Da Moves" via the new SmartNet TV Commercial.


Is the cost of mobile internet tight for your budget? Is it hindering your “Da Moves” to the ladies? Then turn ON the moves with SmartNet!

Enjoy Facebook, Twitter, Chat, Yahoo! Mail, Search, and OMG for FREE when you download the SmartNet app! It’s your free portal, giving you a taste of your favorite online activities.

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    Guadalajara is best known for a couple of things; Mariachi music but tequila, Not really abating the label very well. But the latter association is because it is forty minutes away from the town of Tequila, Where the college took us on a day trip which involved some tasting and sight seeing. I learnt a lot on that day, Mainly that I had been doing tequila shots wrong my whole life. As we were advised, You’re meant to suck the lime or lemon (that kindly infused with cinnamon, Tamarind or salt), take a breath, And then take over shot. Puerto Vallarta is a beach town in the state of Jalisco, And we embarked on a house excursion there. It was continually hot through the day, And unrelentingly striking. from the blue skies and seas to the the bunting and street art that adorned every street, It was such an idyllic place to move. We also had a nearby guide in Miguel, Our Mexican housemate who had grown up there and showed us some hidden gems, From the less popular beaches to the best taco stands.

    The house in Vallarta with street art Miguel did when he was younger!Dia [url=]spanish dating sites[/url] de los muertosis a culture in Mexico, And the most real world place to spend it is on the island of Patzcuaro in Michoacan. Claire and I were eager to go and the particular weekend in the most authentic way we could, Of course we weren’t the only ones achievable idea. Every exchange student in Guadalajara was on the same wavelength and all the dwelling had been booked up months in advance. that didn’t deter us though, So involved in the festive hype, We jumped this bus, tooth brush in tow, Determined to arrive in time for the night time celebrations. After two bus journeys we arrived at Michoacan and tried to find the boat to ferry us across to the elusive Patzcuaro island.

    The marine to Patzcuaro

    this photo really can’t do justice to how beautiful a journey it was, And a few things can only be seen by the human eye. The sky was a medley different shades of pink and grey and it was a strange, Magical sort of ambiance. The only comparability I can make is to Harry Potter, And the scene where Harry and Dumbledore are searhing for horcruxes on an island, It had exact same mystical feel to it. Patzcuaro appeared from the distance to resemble a lighthouse, But upon arrival we found a humming island, A strange setting to waste money the day of the dead. positiioned in spirals, Each floor of the island had multiple businesses, Bars and stands who offer typicalMicheladas beer with tamarind and hot sauce, These juxtaposed with the opulent colourful graveyards, Provided a strange but delightful contradiction.

    most of the graveyards of Patzcuaro

    Of course as the night went on we began to lag slightly, And at about 3am we felt it was time to call it a night. for you to, We had that slight issue of finding around to sleep. Another slightly naive assumption on our end was that Mexico was always hot, We were about to learn that various states have varied climates; Michoacan in November was not unlike to an English October. We were for certain underdressed in light day jackets and blankets wrapped around us clinging to warmth. We looks like sleepwalkers haunting the island. utilizing alcohol wearing off, the concept of a cold ferry ride to sleep in a bus station appealed to neither of us. We decided to seek refugee within the restaurants and eat some warm hearty soup; After ordering two sopes, Claire quickly remembered as they arrived thatsopein Mexican Spanish is not in fact soup, But a plentiful fried corn tortilla. We were both nodding off in the n eaterie, And mused how we could genuinely just sleep there. i am not sure which one of us suggested it, But collectively we decided to enquire into whether we could stay there. This was slightly compounded by just how our server was 10 years old, i asked her and she had to ask her Mum who had no qualms. [url=]spanish beauty[/url] We had found our lodging for the night time, without any charge. We hunkered down on the floor of the restaurant with our jackets on and a blanket shared between us, A firm vice grip on one an additional. It was a very strange scenario given the business was still open, And we could hear the hustle of the celebrations going on. we were woken by the tap of a broom at 8am; It was the caretaker who explained she needed to clean the floor and obviously we were impeding that process. common though, We got to discover one of Mexico’s most famous festivals, And at a good price.

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  30. Asperger’s Syndrome Wives Need getting familiar with

    (birkenstock boston, size.) Asperger’s Syndrome is a neurological disorder deemed as high functioning autism. those that have this syndrome have difficulty with social aspects of intelligence. This evolved itself as a notable lack of “good sense,

    the existence of Asperger in children is getting more attention now, But the undiagnosed adult is not yet well recognized. Because many of these brain disorders seem to be more common in men, Many times wives have trouble to get support they need.

    The shortcomings of adults with Asperger’s Syndrome have been camouflaged beneath layers of coping strategies and disease fighting capability. Their behavior often gives the impression of someone perhaps a little eccentric or odd but passable because of the high or gift in an area or career, [url=]ukraine singles[/url] Such as anatomist.

    Life with an AS spouse is very separating. because of the AS person in public often appears normal, Others don’t realize the spouse’s suffering. Spouses of of those with Asperger Syndrome play an abnormally large caregiver role. Even when AS people are successful pros, Their families cannot rely on them to participate fully in family life since they typically don’t do their share of chores or provide emotional support to members of the family.

    although people with Asperger’s Syndrome do feel affection towards others, Relationships are not a priority for them in exactly as it is for people who do not have Asperger’s Syndrome. People with Asperger’s Syndrome generally seem to be narrower on a particular interest, Project or task than on the actual around them.

    Because the person with Asperger’s Syndrome does not have the same relational needs as the non Asperger partner, He or she is mostly unable to recognize naturally or to meet the emotional needs of his or her partner. Marriages can thus form seriously dysfunctional liaison patterns.

    The denial, The complex and multi layered coping mechanisms and defensive strategies make it difficult to live successfully in a relationship with profitable in selling,get a Asperger’s Syndrome. Often the afflicted will deny you will find there’s problem, Since one of the disorder’s main characteristics is the inabiility to imagine someone else’s point of view.

    People who do not have Asperger’s Syndrome enter a marriage with the normal expectation that the priority of a marriage relationship will be about camaraderie, Mutual terms and date of needs, But in reality the relationship ends up being more one of practicality and convenience for the person with Asperger’s Syndrome than for the loving and meeting of emotional needs of the marital partner.

    often times, The Asperger partner analyzed the partner prior to marriage and assessed them as being capable of filling a compensatory role for his own deficits. The non Asperger partner then unsuspectingly fills the role of personal assistant. In the privacy of their marital, The spouse who does not have Asperger’s Syndrome will more than likely be physically and emotionally drained, Working in the long run to keep life on track for both of them. Perhaps the relationship has taken on more of the characteristics of a business partnership or arrangement.

    for individuals had normal expectations of the mutuality of marriage, There will be a sense of betrayal and a sense of being used and trapped. Instinctively they already know their partner needs them, But feelings develop that every thing has become is about the needs and interests of the person with Asperger’s Syndrome and that there is not even room for their own voice.

    Many partners feel that possibly they are daily sacrificing their own sense of self to help fulfill the priorities of the partner who has Asperger’s Syndrome. They begin to feel oftentimes entirely defined by the role they fill for their Asperger partner. There’s a sense there’s no mutuality, No equal rights, No the legal.

    People married to someone with Asperger’s Syndrome continue to hope for the mutual meeting of emotional needs within the marriage and resent the reality of living on terms dictated by the needs and priorities of the partner with Asperger’s Syndrome. simply, Their flexibility is exploited by the inflexibility of the individual with Asperger’s Syndrome. This prompts a fairly manipulative behavior pattern, With the neurologically typical spouse going overboard to stop stress. Living with a person that sees only his or her own viewpoint cannot help but damage a spouse’s self esteem.

    The neurotypical spouse must thoroughly evaluate all the issues before deciding if there is enough of value to make continuing every thing has become worthwhile. Those who stay in a relationship with an Asperger’s afflicted mate should do everything possible to be independent socially and sometimes, The afflicted spouse will not cover the cost of substantial changes, So the neurotypical spouse must be able to accept that. Knowing what is available will make the marriage more predictable and manageable, when not easier. She is Director of the Division on Muslim Civil Rights and Liberties for the nation’s Association of Muslim American Women.

    She enjoys talking about Jewish and Middle East affairs and her occasionally outrageous personal advice column “Ask helen, She has written for the Muslim viewer, Islamic Horizons and what it’s all about magazine on local politics, The halal meat world and women’s issues. Learn to imagine that your single, But married the sooner you do that the better off several! take part in mean dating others, But just be totally accountable for yourself and you happiness. Asperger’s men are in deep fog in their minds, Total disconnect if your looking for someone that is mentally ill to give you happiness think again. I noticed that cleaning and even as simple things like putting away the dishes, Is a stretch. My husband will put away about 70% of the bathroom, He will wash a bowl but be able get it into the dishwashing machine. Or take the trash out and not put a new plastic garbage bag in the can. as a result, I will say, ” distinct vehicle a garbage bag” So now he is for the best about it. He is so mobile phone by his mind. I’m a total clean freak so that house is pristine,But I had to train him [url=]ukraine girl dating[/url] and there are things he forgets because he has Asperger’s. He seems deeply disconnected unable to show compassion, Caring even not capable of connecting intimately, So no engagement necessary. I believe should always have close family and friends they can help you stay in normalcy, And be there for. Stay with your job, objective on goals I go to the galleries, Wine mouth watering, Plays and vintage shopping with my years as a child friends we have fun. be sure you are okay financially, Have all the finances ready. For me it was being confident we have our last Will and Testament in place, And that our family is paid off. I considered ready so for me that meant for me emergency preparedness, Extra each phase, just in case winter emergency. My kids are adults now living good lives so I feel better about that. I also take care of myself on every level, self, Mind and spirit I drink healthy protein shakes, Great hair bone nutritional, Skin collagen support, Organic supplement for getting all my health supplements. the time is now don’t wait for doctor to tell you to drop weight or tell you are borderline this to that. I do yoga and fitness, which helps me so much feel so,Good manually I live better and sleep better it creates a deep inner peaceful and an inner quietness, That is beautiful and ideal. I pray at the church when it is empty the actual week. I sent a ton of furniture to the consignment and stuff to charities. Keep you tidy, very easy, Clean and straightforward. Adopt a puppy or a get rescue dog you could the best buddy ever, Enroll the puppy in school you will meet all the dog loving neighbors we will see them on your dog walks, And it get anyone with pet out for fresh air and good walk. I know this is related to Asperger spouse, But creating a life that keeps, you happy,Healthy mindful and allows new bonds to strengthen or new ones to blossom. My husband is as romantic as an Aspie is allowed to be he buys me birthday cards and celebrates our anniversary by reserving our favoured table at our favoured restaurant he brings, wines, Flowers and candies. We are friends and he is good guy and he will do whatever I ask him too, And he is a total nice husband and a, Great service provider, But he is mentally ill and doing the best as he possibly can. fresh Aspergers, put out, addictive talker that is a lot. He is a so hard to listen to for a long time he is drawing a picture of the what he see’s in his mind. forehead Grandin did this too. at the time he launches into a long story, I just ask him are usually point. then i just say I have work, And go into my office and shut the doorway! I’m a very driven person, And quiet person The kids are older and they told me he is too hard to be around and he is hard to listen to extended stage of time. Basically tell them the truth he puts up with a mental illness ADD/Asperger’s he means well, And we love him and want what it is the best for him. I have him on a treatment program I have him talking less, Chanting mantra inwardly which reorganizes energy since we are

    More energy than matter much. Chanting inwardly it is mindfulness application. without, I have become his parent Teaching him to not talk through a movie is another one of those actions I have to announce ” It is movie time so be quiet please it breaks the flow of the movie if you talk” I can be this parent spouse,But since his mama did not tell him I ought to be. He shows little empathy to homeless, Or people on the street, And honks at people all the time It makes me so upset since it is like throwing a pebbles in a calm quiet pond everyday,It is negative energy dispelled into the particular planet. Asperger’s is total detachment from what is. which means, I have to tell him everyone in business is one, And we are here to show empathy, to brotherly love, I hate having to tell him this because it is which so in your face obvious. Another trait is external adventure, Which is very irritating like driving the car very fast and and then hits the brakes hard, And the passenger slides forward in the seat and is thrown back, Instead of coming to calm stop like most individuals. External pleasure triggers something in the Aspie brain what is so bizarre is everyone sees it but him

    He all the time sway when, He talks with others I read the rocking motion releases chemicals to calm the baby or person, It is self comforting reaction.. To anyone thinking about planning marriage to an Aspergers person please think again, And run as fast as you can in the other and save yourself. Asperger’s boy meets Aspergers girl is the best match and case scenario I think

    Boy meets Aspie girl is a better case scenario

    Haneli December 23, 2014 9:25 evening (off-shore time)I’ve by grace come to my husbands analysis at 9 year’s of marriage. We are now 11 years marital. I absolutely relate to the mourning of not ever going to have even the basic idea (My own idea and expectancy)

    Of a marriage special connection.

    I am only now at the place where I can eventually start to fully understand what probably would be and accepting and adjusting to this. Still find it hard on my lonely moments and mourn over the lack of “scarves that bind,

    I am just horrified by 35 years of this kind marriage and not having the verification. I MUST be thankful at least for not having had that and additionally applaud this lady with great affection. You are an example of virtue for many.

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