Ramon Bautista: ‘Paano ang Buhay Kapag Walang Facebook?’ (Video)

Social media star Ramon Bautista gives us something to ponder: "Paano ang buhay kapag walang Facebook?"

Ramon Bautista 2
Ramon Bautista

If I will name things that I can’t live without in a day, Facebook will definitely be on my list. If social media is now a vital part in the life of an ordinary Filipino nowadays, how much more for a blogger like me!

If I’m looking for information about a Hollywood movie or an award-winning indie film that I’d like to blog about, I can get more up-to-date information via Facebook through the movie’s official pages. Even in time of relaxation and I’d like to see the latest viral videos that hit the internet, I can easily discover them on my Facebook timeline. It’s definitely one of the best places for entertainment!

Funny man Ramon Bautista shows how silly life would be without Facebook:

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3 Comments on Ramon Bautista: ‘Paano ang Buhay Kapag Walang Facebook?’ (Video)

  1. Ang tatanga nyo Negrita and stupidity. Bakit nyo sisisihin c Ramon Bautista eh commercial model lang naman cya Ng Smart. Kayo Ang Baliw

  2. katarantaduhan! hello may google naman utang na loob Ramon Bautista dati naman na walang FB anong pinagsasasabi mo dyan hwag ka ngang papansin baliw!

  3. stupidity // August 8, 2014 at 1:49 pm //

    kalokohan! dati namang walang FB duh!

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