Atom Araullo Investigates ‘Kulam’ Victim in ‘Hiwaga’

Broadcast journalist Atom Araullo investigates the series of unfortunate events in the life of a “Virginia” allegedly caused by “kulam” this Friday (Jan 11) in “Pinoy True Stories: Hiwaga.”

According to “Virginia,” a family feud ensued over a family inheritance that eventually led to events that hurt her and her child and even cost the lives of some of her loved ones.

It started with a seemingly coincidental dog attack on her child, which was soon followed by more bizarre occurrences like a three-month long fever, the sudden loss of hair of her child, a peso-size hole in her mother’s throat that led to her death, and even the passing away of the “manggagamot” who helped her.

She thought of escaping the curse by leaving the province but it did not help because the curse followed her and the protections or “agimat” she used were soon broken and stolen.

Is there an end to her misfortune, or would the “kulam” bring her to the grave?

Find out in “Pinoy True Stories: Hiwaga,” anchored by Atom Araullo this Friday (Jan 11), 4:45 p.m. after “A Gentleman’s Dignity” on ABS-CBN. For updates on the program, visit

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