Converse Recreates Iconic Look in its Fall 2012 Collection

Converse celebrates the changing season with new colors and modernized silhouettes as it unveils its Fall 2012 Collection.

For the past years, Converse has successfully evolved to be the shoe of choice of a wider audience, because of its iconic look and stylish comfort. It’s still the same, familiar kicks, reinvented and made new again to unleash the creative spirit of the consumer.

Living up to its reputation, Converse remains true to its heritage and embraces its pioneering spirit in its pursuit of greatness.
Converse’s latest collection is a reflection of its never-say-die Americana character. The collection offers a diverse portfolio of footwear, including new takes on the classics – Jack Purcell, Pro Leather and Chuck Taylor. At the same time, a new line of Chuck Taylor All Star Boots Collection is set to add a renewed sophistication to its classic look to further stamp its mark in the streetwear scene.

Considered the oldest sneaker in history, the Converse Chucks is synonymous with cool, especially among the young. Expect a new, creative and spirited collection. It brings an optimistic mindset, relaxed and comfortable in your own skin. Converse’s latest collection of Chuck Taylor All Star Boots and Chuck Taylor Leather encompasses all markets, proving that youth is not an age, but an attitude.

In the local scene, Converse’s boots line is not yet as easily recognizable as its iconic sneakers. However, heads will turn once one sees the collection’s sleek look and enhanced comfort and flexibility. The Chuck Taylor All Stars Boots Collection illustrates the extremes of the fashion and footwear spectrum – from the classic and iconic to grungy rebellion. The collection is a rugged yet sophisticated version of the classic Chuck Taylors, highlighted by pops of color or detail on a well loved silhouette, a signature style Converse has been known for – a platform for self-expression.

To encourage creativity, you can customize your pair by mixing-and-matching designs, choosing from different-colored shoelaces to complement the color of the boots. The collection comes in a variety of colors including black, chocolate, olive green, among others. Its rough exterior balances the light-weight feel, re-engineered and redesigned to bring more comfort,

flexibility and traction. Perfect as casual footwear or long walks and hikes. And as with other classic Chucks, the boots come with the not-to-be-missed Chuck Taylor All Star ankle patch.

Another highlight from the latest Converse collection is the Chuck Taylor Leather Collection. Converse’s Chuck Taylors enduring silhouette gets revamped to give a bit of edge to the iconic shoe. A daring and confident move showing its willingness to challenge the status quo.

Converse has re-worked their classic Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers to unite creative spirits inspired by urban street culture. Unlike the classic Chuck Taylor sneakers, the collection is all-leather, dropping the canvas for a premium leather make-up. The Limited collection enhances the silhouette that we know and love with a leather upper, keeping its heritage alive with an electric personality. No need to hide your Chucks under your pants since the collection is perfect for any dressy occasion.

Also included in Converse’s latest collection are revitalized versions of the Jack Purcell and Pro Leather Collections. The Jack Purcell features leather, cotton and canvas portraying an image of classic, understated style. Its rugged style is finished off with a vulcanized outsole. The Pro-Leather Collection, on the other hand, reveals an updated version with bold colors in both suede and leather, with an instantly recognizable Star Chevron logo.

The diversity in Converse’s Fall 2012 Collection only shows that Converse is continually in search for advances and modern approaches to revolutionize the classic and iconic footwear and maintain its rich heritage and reputation as the leading shoe company in the world. Indeed, Converse shows no signs of slowing down.

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