Jessica Sanchez and to Release a Collaboration Song Worth Jumping For from the Grammy-winning "The Black Eyed Peas" and American Idol season 11 runner-up Jessica Sanchez will ignite pinoy pride with their exciting collaboration.

Hailed as one of the country’s Peace Ambassadors recently, never ceases to be a source of pride and inspiration among Filipinos. Born in Pampanga as Allan Pineda Lindo, Jr., the singer-songwriter has made the term “Filipino” a household name in the US via his hit composition “Bebot.” The song, which was used as a promotional single from The Black Eyed Peas’ fourth studio album “Monkey Business” became a monster hit.

Filipino-Mexican Jessica Sanchez, on the other hand, has showcased Pinoy talent big time when she emerged runner-up to Phillip Phillips in this year’s American Idol. She recently inked a deal to endorse two Filipino global brands during her visit in the country for the American Idol Live Tour and promised to return for more projects.

Now every Filipino here and abroad has a reason to jump for joy as Jessica Sanchez and joined forces to release an exciting song that will surely make us proud. The single, which is coming out very soon (so soon it’s only a matter of hours), is set to conquer various music charts nationwide. And what more can I say about this song? It’s upbeat, it’s inspiring and it’s awesome.

So stay tuned and get ready to jump people!

Images courtesy of ( and Jessica Sanchez’ Twitter Account (Jessica Sanchez)

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