The Latest Dining Room Designs in ‘Interior Motives’

Two dining rooms, one small and charming and the other spacious and glamorous, will be featured on “Interior Motives” with Angel Aquino this Saturday (October 6) on the Lifestyle Network.

The dining room located in Bulacan designed by Czarina Allanigue may be small but it doesn’t sacrifice function and style. To maximize the area, Allanigue used space saving furniture such as using benches instead of the conventional individual chairs because she believes that they’re comfortable, warm and can accommodate more people. She also designed the room to have large doors and windows to help create the illusion of a bigger space.

On the dining room’s theme, Allanigue picked Mediterranean with a touch of Filipino. “It’s very warm and subdued. It’s also easy to mix-and-match using earth colors,” said Allanigue.

The next dining room concept meanwhile is contemporary glamour designed by Michael Salvador. Voluptuous, rich and luxurious are the perfect words to describe the room with its diamond and angular details that appear throughout the sofa, wall décor panels, display objects, and the white dining chairs.

To make the room more glamorous, Salvador picked a color theme that mimics royalty. “I picked the color of the clouds approaching sunset; blue, gray, indigo, violet, and amber,” he said.

As a bonus to viewers, a sneak peek of the traditional Japanese themed dining room owned and designed by Lala Kawachi will be shown.
See more of these beautiful designs on “Interior Motives” with Angel Aquino this Saturday (October 6) at 7:00 p.m. on the Lifestyle Network. The channel is aired on SkyCable channel 52. For programming schedules and updates, like their Facebook page at

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  1. UnhappyCustomer // January 21, 2018 at 1:27 pm //

    Czarina Allanigue is a scammer!!! beware!

  2. I hired Czarina Allanigue back in October 2016 and she was supposed to start remodeling my apartment in December 2016. I am writing this January 14th, 2018, over 1 year after I paid her, and she still hasn’t started the work! I’ve demanded a refund many time starting in May 2017 with NO luck. I’ve given her so many chances but she always lies about starting the work. I’ve already hired an attorney and will be taking legal action against her. She stole over 500,000 php from me. Please be warned and do not make the same mistake that I made!

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