Angel Aquino Hosts ‘Interior Motives’ on the Lifestyle Network

The Lifestyle Network brings the most decorative show on the channel, “Interior Motives”, hosted by Angel Aquino which delves into anything and everything about the world of interior design.

“One of the strongest aspects of the show is the feature of the ‘know’, ‘how’ and ‘buy’ aspects of interior design. Viewers are bound to learn something new and exciting as it teaches the basics, from best color schemes to go with certain décor to turning simple objects into effective devices,” said Apples De La Vega, executive producer of the show.

Viewers will be given excellent recommendations and extensive comparisons on furniture, ornaments and pieces featured in the show, as well as advice on alternatives depending on the budget.

Professional interior designers will be featured on every episode, showcasing their works as well as providing knowledge on interior design. Their tips and tricks will give viewers an inside look into their perception of the perfect space.

According to Angel, her excitement on hosting the show is overflowing because she hungers for the knowledge the show will impart to her and its viewers.

“I don’t have a background on interior designing; this is some kind of a treat for me because the show is giving me ideas and slowly, I’m able to piece my own dream home. The show is very informative, it’s like I’m one of the viewers,” she said.

No one will be left behind as the designers focus on specific locations in the home, such as featuring and comparing bedrooms or bathrooms only. Regardless of taste, everyone will be treated with a contrast and variety of designs, be it antique, modern, classic or oriental.

Also, all jargon will be explained after each episode to ensure that every viewer can understand and eventually, sound like a real expert at interior designing.

Premiering at 7:00 p.m. on August 4 (Saturday), “Interior Motives” will take a regular spot on Saturday nights at the same time, exclusively on the Lifestyle Network, with replays every day. Lifestyle Network is aired on SkyCable channel 52. For programming schedules and updates, like their Facebook page at

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