Keanu Reeves’ New Film ’47 Ronin’ in Jeopardy?

Keanu Reeves' new film, Samurai adventure '47 Ronin', is in jeopardy after director Carl Rinsch has been pulled off the project.

Samurai adventure ’47 Ronin’ has cost more than $225 million to produce so far, causing Universal co-chairwoman Donna Langley to take director Carl Rinsch off the project and oversee the editing herself.

The movie has already had to undergo reshoots in London, which wrapped a week ago, designed to recapture key close-ups of lead actor Keanu for the 3D film’s final scene.

According to, one person working on the film described the production process as a “nightmare”.

’47 Ronin’ – a fictionalised version of a Japanese Samurai tale about a group of 18th century warriors who aim to avenge their master’s death – is Keanu’s first big screen action role since finishing ‘The Matrix’ trilogy in 2003.

The source claimed that with extra costs incurred Universal would have to take half a billion dollars simply to break even on the project, however a senior figure at the company disputed this and claimed the project had not gone over its $175 million budget, even with reshoots.

Another individual close to the production said Rinsch – who was working on his first feature – had seemed creative and competent during pre-production but struggled to control the filmmaking process. This prompted the studio to step in and oversee the project from Los Angeles, taking charge of the editorial development, including the editing of the film.

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  22. I think she is definitely over the top and bteitr. It is obvious that these ideas have branched from her insecurities. I strongly disagree with the phrase ‘I hate fashion’- I don’t think anyone ‘hates’ fashion- but it depends what people mean by it. I love clothes (maybe too much) finding beautiful and rare dresses in vintage shops for low prices brings joy to my life! But I’m not a huge fan of something being ‘amazing’ just because a designer label is stuck on it. I appreciate good talent/beautiful clothing but this heiarchy of shops is a bit over the top. Some people I’ve met have claimed they love a hideously ugly bag just because it had for example, the chanel logo on it. But if they were to see the same bag without the logo they would hate it. Also it sometimes seem this shiny, sparkly way of pitching these clothes through beautiful models lounging about in flower beds or what have you is just to distract what is happening behind the scenes- e.g sweat shops (for most cases) Her comments on model’s weight aren’t exactly profound. EVERYONE is aware of the dilemma of anorexia encouraged by glossy magazines so it’s not like she has made a break through in journalism. I personally know someone who I have witnessed throwing up after every meal because she reads way too many of these magazines and aspires to be like the models. But I can’t even begin to think where we could solve this problem- certainly not through a negative insecure woman’s article!

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