Coco and Julia Meet 18 Thousand ‘Walang Hanggan’ Fans in Mindanao

Around 18 thousand fans recently filled the Trinoma Mall Mindanao open parking lot for the grand fans day of “Walang Hanggan” which was graced by the phenomenal TV drama's lead stars Coco Martin and Julia Montes.

“We are very thankful to everyone who is supporting ‘Walang Hanggan.’ We hope that they will support us until the end because we still have a lot of surprises instored for them,” said Coco.

According to Julia, the fans day was an overwhelming experience for her. “I can’t fully explain how happy I was to see the fans because I know they made time and exerted effort just to see us in person. Coco and I are really happy,” she said.

Meanwhile, like the thousands of fans that Coco and Julia were able to meet and greet, avid TV viewers of “Walang Hanggan” are set to indulge on the non-stop heated confrontations that will transpire among the well-loved characters of the phenomenal TV drama. Will Katerina’s (Julia) pregnancy help Nathan (Paulo Avelino) to win back his wife? What will happen to Katerina once Daniel (Coco) is taken away from her?

Don’t miss the explosive scenes and revelations in the phenomenal TV drama “Walang Hanggan,” weeknights, after “Princess and I” on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida.

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