Stephanie Rowe – ‘Artista Academy’ Profile

Get to know more about “Artista Academy” finalist Stephanie Rowe, dubbed as "Muse na Palaban ng Pampanga."

16 yrs. old

Stephanie is someone who truly loves the spotlight. In fact, she admits to posting her videos on YouTube in the hopes of getting noticed. She is also her family’s source of joy as she often indulges them with her penchant for comedy. Stephanie is fluent in Filipino, English and Taiwanese, thanks to her Filipino mom and British dad, and also because she spent part of her childhood in Taiwan where she attended a local school.

Edge: Stephanie is one of the prettiest among the girls. She registers very well on camera.

Weakness: Stage presence. She should match her “leading lady” look with a talent in acting or else she’ll fall under the radar.

Odds of winning AA Best Actress: 16/100.

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