Jon Orlando – ‘Artista Academy’ Profile

Get to know more about "Artista Academy" finalist Jon Orlando, dubbed as the "Class Leader" of Quezon City.

19 yrs. old

Calling himself a “half-Italian, half-Filipino from Canada,” Jon easily adjusted to living in the rough district of Lerma where his mother grew up, though people often tell him that his good looks make him stand out in the “squatter” community. “I truly love the people in Lerma because that’s where my mom is from. For me, it has always been about getting to know my mom’s past here in the Philippines. The more I looked, the more I fell in love with being here,” he shares. Jon arrived last February, and although he has been to the country many times before, he has never actually decided to stay for long – that is, until he made it to Artista Academy’s Top 16. With his looks, talent and intelligence, he is definitely one of the strongest contenders in the competition.

Edge: Aside from his “tisoy” look which is really working for him to get noticed, he is also a good communicator.

Weakness: He is being perceived as gay because of his “soft” personality. This could really hurt his chances of winning.

Odds of Winning AA Best Actor: 75/1

Jon during the auditions:

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