Shaira Mae – ‘Artista Academy’ Profile

Get to know more about "Artista Academy" finalist Shaira Mae, dubbed as the "Miss Congeniality of Las Pinas."

17 yrs. old
Las Piñas City

Shaira may be a familiar face to some people as she has already appeared in a number of commercials. At her young age, however, she is haunted by a recent family tragedy that has left her questioning herself. She takes blame for the death of her grandmother because she believes that if she had only done better in driving her to the hospital, her lola would still be alive. Nevertheless, Shaira dedicates her Artista Academy success to her grandmother. This time, she really wants to do her best and make her lola proud.

Edge: Her experience in being a commercial model is a plus.

Weakness: Shaira has yet to showcase her other skills. In order to get far in the competition, she must be well rounded like some other contenders.

Odds of winning AA Best Actress: 18/100.

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