Nicole Estrada – ‘Artista Academy’ Profile

Get to know more about "Artista Academy" finalist Nicole Estrada, dubbed as the "Campus Kikay" of Pasig.

Nicole Estrada
16 yrs. old
Pasig City

Although Nicole comes from a very religious and conservative family and is not allowed to have boyfriends at her age, she has had a few non-serious relationships already. She is a true kikay in every sense of the word. In fact, she has a book from which she learns the proper way of applying makeup. As one of the youngest students of Artista Academy, she is often the bubbliest and noisiest of the bunch. Will her animated personality make her stand out in the competition or will it translate to frequent trips to the principal’s office?

Edge: Nicole’s bubbly personality will definitely help her stand out from the crowd.

Weakness: Her being the noisiest of the bunch might hinder her growth in the Academy.

Odds of winning AA Best Actress: 18/1.

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