Ruffa Gutierrez on TV5’s Paparazzi: ‘I refuse to be part of trashy reporting that degrades people or shames others’

Ruffa Gutierrez decided to quit "Paparazzi" today after she felt disrespected by the birthday presentation prepared for her by the TV5 showbiz talk show.

On her official Twitter account @iloveruffag, Ruffa Gutierrez posted:

“Hindi ako natuwa sa birthday presentation ng Paparazzi para sa akin. Wala kayong kwenta at wala kayong respeto.”

The Kapatid actress/host apparently got mad when she was asked with an inappropriate question about the men who were linked to her before.

Ruffa used the microblogging site Twitter to air her indignation:

“Hindi nyo man lang naisip na nanonood ang mga anak ko! Yung head ng PROGRESS Gold Milk of Wyeth was at the studio, my friends were watching.”

“Binastos ako ng #Paparazzi on my birthday. I’m so sorry but THE BUZZ would never do this to me. EVER!”

“From this day on, I will no longer be part of Paparazzi. I will never tolerate DISRESPECT in any form done to me, to my children or to my beloved viewers.”

“I refuse to be part of trashy reporting that degrades people or shames others. #Paparazzi”

“Lorin & Venice were watching #Paparazzi earlier cuz they were excited to see my reaction on the handmade card/note they made for me.”

“I know God will provide work for me in other ways so I can take care of my daughters.”

Meanwhile, TV5 has released a short statement regarding the incident:

“TV5 management is seriously concerned about the turn of events today at Paparazzi and is now looking into the incident. We promise everyone that we shall take appropriate action.”

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