Angel Locsin and Phil Younghusband, Too Young to Get Married?

As the battle between the Philippines and the national football teams of Malaysia, Indonesia and Guam happen, Phil Younghusband, together with the Azkals, are prepping hard in their quest to bring glory to our country in this field of sport.

With Angel Locsin on his side as his inspiration, Phil is determined to play his best in the upcoming games.

“I want a future with Angel” Phil shared. “Hopefully, I will have a future with Angel as we get stronger. My love for her keeps on growing every day.”

Angel hints that a wedding won’t be an option soon. “Well, we are still young and we have more priorities in life. We are not yet ready to settle down,” she explained. “We are happy with our status and with what we have right now.”

Meanwhile on “TODA Max”, bells will be ringing as Justin (Vhong Navarro) and Isabel (Angel Locsin) face the biggest event of their lives so far – their wedding. But as this big day comes, both Isabel and Justin will have second thoughts on their decision. Tol (Robin Padilla) and Dianne (Valerie Concepcion) will talk to them and comfort the couple.

What will happen to Justin and Isabel and their big wedding? Find out on “TODA Max” this Saturday after “Maalaala Mo Kaya” only here on ABS-CBN.

7 Comments on Angel Locsin and Phil Younghusband, Too Young to Get Married?

  1. Hahaha wag kaw patol sa babae lol @ariel. Ganda tlga ni angel d ba support her. Ty

  2. Nel tan // June 9, 2012 at 7:49 am //

    I hope they will end up together at the altar. They are very good and well mannered individuals. Wish you both more success in the future.

  3. guys huwag na mag mura kasi panget isulat d2 kahiya sa
    idol natin.basta manood tayo todamax sa sabado kasi wedding nila ni justin .

  4. Ariel Garcia // June 7, 2012 at 10:44 am //

    baka ikaw ang ulol kailangan mo pag magmura what a cheap woman! sa comment mo pa lang mas ikaw ang nauulol…!

  5.  ang kapal mo ano paki mo kay angel eh bakit di na lang ang  mga kapatid mong babae ang itoda mas mo ulol

  6. Ariel Garcia // June 7, 2012 at 8:48 am //

    Kailangan i promote ang todo max dahil malapit ng ma TODAS MAX, hindi pa option ang wedding malay mo makahanap na naman si angel at may mag tweet ulit sa kanya eh di ang saya saya lol!

  7. libog lang yan Phil… 😛

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