Ted Failon Investigates Demolitions and Professional Squatters

Ted Failon will examine the issues surrounding demolitions happening in Manila such as the increase of the so-called “professional squatters” this Saturday (May 5) in “Failon Ngayon”

According to the report of the Metro Manila Inter-Agency Committee on Informal Settlers (MMIAC) there are more than 544,609 houses in Metro Manila that are part of the squatter’s area and the number is still growing, thus the government’s solution is to demolish those houses that are on private properties.

Why do squatters resist the demolitions? Is it because they cannot afford to find another place to live? Or is it because they are protecting their illegal leases?

Just a week ago, a bloody demolition occurred in Paranaque where many civilians were injured and a person died. This is not the first time that demolitions turn into a harsh battle between the informal settlers and the police.

Watch the full report on “Failon Ngayon” this Saturday (May 5) 5:00 PM on ABS-CBN. Catch the replay on ANC every Sunday, 2:00 PM. Follow “Failon Ngayon” on Twitter, @Failon_Ngayon, #FailonNgayon

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