Hayden Kho Changes Statement: ‘Vicki Did Not Cheat on Me’

Hayden Kho on Twitter yesterday, February 20, insinuated that Vicki Belo is having an affair with her yoga instructor named Al Galang. Earlier today, he retracted his allegations.

In a series of posts on his Twitter account on Monday, Kho implied that former girlfriend Vicki Belo cheated on him by attaching a photo of Bikram Yoga teacher and former Mossimo Bikini Summit contestant Al Galang. He also posted a photo of the letter allegedly written by Galang to Belo insinuating that they are having an affair.

The following posts have been deleted already:

Ok that’s it! I tried to just turn around and walk away just to silence my accusers. But this is too much already.

“You accuse me of infidelity and barrage the public with the accusations as if it’s really true. Proof? C’mon show me.

“That proof better be a real proof of infidelity just like this one

“October 2011. You said it’s just a “friendly letter” from your Bikram Yoga teacher Al Galang”

Earlier today, Hayden retracted his statements on the deleted posts by saying that Vicki NEVER cheated on him. Kho also reiterated that he and Nancy Castiliogne did not cheat on Belo.

“I am saying this as plain and as simple as I can. Vicki NEVER cheated on me.”

“Al and I spoke already and he had apologized to me about that letter. I have forgiven him and that’s finished.”

“And about Nancy, it is also not true that we were dating or were having an affair. I hope that clears her name and my name as well.”

“I hope that this ends it all. Vicki did not cheat on me. I did not cheat on Vicki. And Al and Nancy have got nothing to do w/ this.”

Kho pointed out that he tweeted those things in height of his anger and he regret doing it.

His second to the last post was an announcement that he will be leaving Twitter:

And so, finally and officially, I am quitting this twitter account and abandoning my previous plan of going back to THAT world.

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  1. Annie Klenkel – You are AWESOME, Theresa! These turned out sooo great. We had an such a fun time with you, and we are now even more ectixed that you will be shooting our wedding. I could tell you were talented from everyone else’s pictures, but you have me completely convinced now! Thank you so much!

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