Hayden Kho Takes Hotseat on ‘Face the People,’ Admits Vicki loved him the most

High-profile doctor Hayden Kho who got famous for the private video scandals that shook the nation gives an exclusive tell-all on TV5's social reality talk show Face The People this Friday (August 29).

Hayden Kho

People first took notice of him as a promising young cosmetic surgeon known to be in a relationship with celebrity doctor Vicki Belo and part of her clinic, the Belo Medical Group.

Hayden’s world took an unexpected turn after a series of private video scandals involving him and numerous partners surfaced. On his exclusive tell-all on Face The People, Hayden is almost in-tears as he confess on the many things that he’s been through: his drug dependence for almost seven years, abandonment of people we once called friends, and his two failed attempts to end his life.

He also shares how Dr. Vicki Belo has been generous in helping him go through his ordeals. Vicki, whom Hayden admits as “the woman who loved me [Hayden] the most” has been instrumental to his renewal. It was also Belo who announced that Hayden got his license back.

But not everyone is convinced by Hayden’s change of heart. For entertainment columnists Ismaelli Favatini and Ruel Villacorta, it would be very difficult for Hayden to get back the trust of the people especially because Hayden was the first celebrity who got involved in a private video scandal. They also speculate that Hayden’s issue became controversial because people who envied the doctor took the opportunity to bring him down.

Meanwhile, Hayden’s long time friend Dr. Karen Lipana testifies that Hayden is now a changed man. Knowing Hayden since their medical school years in UST, Dra. Karen claims that the controversial doctor is different from the man he knew before and has fully committed himself to living the word of God.

Hayden on Face the People

Will the people accept Hayden again? Or will it take more time for them to give him a second chance? Find out this Friday, 10:15AM on Face The People before Let’s Ask Pilipinas on TV5!

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  1. common denominator // August 29, 2014 at 8:09 am //

    ano ang common denominator ng 3 ito:

    cedric lee
    dennis roldan
    hayden kho….

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    wish you the best

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