Kuya Kim Teaches Survival Skills in ‘Matanglawin’

Kuya Kim test his years of experience and know-how this Sunday (Jan 8 ) as he gets lost in the wilderness with nothing but his safari hat and the ‘lucky seven’ survival must haves in another exciting adventure in “Matanglawin.”

In a situation like this, it is said that seven of the crucial things that a person should have are water, signal devices, first aid kit, a reliable Swiss army knife, clothes, food, and rope. But what if you only have one or two out of the seven?

The Trivia King will then show viewers how to improvise like getting water from banana trees, avoid insect bites by using mud, and treat snake bites after he himself gets bitten by a snake.

Can Kuya Kim win his quest against the wild?

Over the past years, wiewers have witnessed the bold and daring side of Kuya Kim who did spiels while lying down inside a coffin, lived in the jungle, went down a volcano crater, bitten by a monitor lizard, and even had a six-inch tube through his nose when he underwent laryngoscopy.

Don’t miss another exciting episode of “Matanglawin” this Sunday (Dec 11), 9:30 AM on ABS-CBN.

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