Derek Ramsay to Transfer to TV5 this 2012

Universal Leading Man Derek Ramsay is set to become a "Kapatid" this 2012?

Last January, Derek Ramsay was rumored to have been planning to transfer to TV5 but this was denied by his manager Jojie Dingcong because of two reasons: Derek is co-hosting The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition with Sharon Cuneta and He is also set to star in a soap with Kris Aquino, Anne Curtis and Diether Ocampo (CLICK HERE FOR RELATED ARTICLE).

However, throughout the year 2011, only one of the said reasons pushed through and that is the co-hosting stint with Sharon Cuneta who just became a Kapatid earlier this week. His other TV projects with the Kapamilya network were just guesting stints in “Your Song Present: Kim” and “Banana Split.”

So this 2012, will Derek Ramsay follow Sharon Cuneta in TV5?

According to Cristy Fermin, yes he will and she is ready to bet for this one:

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