‘Proud to Be Unique’ this Saturday in ‘Wansapanataym’

Catholic Mass Media Awards 2011’s Best Children and Youth Program, “Wansapanataym” teaches kids the value of acceptance this Saturday (November 19). In the episode ‘Lobo Boy,’ Clarence Delgado gives life to ‘Boboy,’ a boy made out of balloons. Supposedly a gift to his parents who weren’t blessed to have a child, Boboy suffers from the taunts of society and his own father because of being different. When will Boboy manage to live a normal life despite the rudeness of his community? Sharing the small screen with Clarence are Smokey Manaloto, Ina Feleo, DJ Durano, and Veyda Innival. Under the direction of Trina Dayrit and written by Cris Lim, don’t miss another lesson-filled episode of “Wansapanataym” this Saturday night on ABS-CBN after “TV Patrol Weekend.” For more updates, log on to or follow @abscbndotcom on Twitter.

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