Justin Bieber Breaks YouTube Record

Justin Bieber is officially the most popular artist on YouTube!

Justin Bieber

Teen superstar Justin Bieber has set a new record on YouTube by being the first person, dead or alive, to ever get a whopping 2 billion video views.

Bieber’s music page attracted 94 million visitors in the past month alone to go down in the history of the video-sharing website.

Lady Gaga was the first artist to hit the one billion barrier in 2010 but Bieber bested her to the feat this year. Gaga settled for second place while Rihanna, Eminem and Shakira round out the top five.

Aside from YouTube where he has 1,049,519 subscribers, Bieber has also dominated social networking sites like Facebook where he has 37,080,001 fans, and over 14 million Twitter followers.

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