Albert Martinez Reveals Wife Liezl is Back to Battling Cancer

Albert Martinez has revealed on "The Buzz" last Sunday, October 16, that his wife Liezl is again battling cancer.

“Akala namin okay na [pero] nag-recur yung Big C and again gumuho nanaman ‘yung mundo ko,” said an emotional Albert in an interview by the ABS-CBN showbiz talk show.

Martinez thought Liezl’s battle against the Big C was over. Now that he learned that the cancer has recurred, he said his whole world went down again.

“Again gumuho na naman ang mundo ko. For the past 2 years, akala ko okay na. We’re having plans again of ‘we want this, we want that, we’ll go here, we’ll go there.’ And then all of a sudden, nangyari ulit iyon. Parang what’s going on? Nag-stop lahat. It’s harder the second time around to put the pieces together. Parang ito na ba iyon? Is there any hope,” he shared.

The award-winning actor said he is hoping and praying harder that Liezl be well and all of them could recover from all that is happening. He gave an assuring message to his wife, saying that she is not alone in her battle.

“We’re gonna fight it together. Its gonna be a group thing. You’re not alone. I’ll always be here and I’ll make sure that whatever is available out there in the market that can help you, we will do that because you’re more important than anything in the world. I love you,” Albert said.

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