Albie Casino has a Magical Wallet in ‘Wansapanataym’ this Saturday

Join Vincent, played by Albie Casiño, as he learns that true friendship and love cannot be bought.

No matter what Vincent wishes for, his magical wallet provides, from cash to game cards to driver’s license to concert tickets and movie passes.

But it can never grant him true friends nor true love—the things that matter the most to anyone in this world.

Albie Casiño returns to the small screen with Cris Villanueva, Kimberly Diaz, and Miles Ocampo to provide another lesson-filled episode of “Wansapanataym” this Saturday (Sept 10).

Under the direction of Manny Palo and written by Cris Lim, learn how to gain true friends this Saturday on “Wansapanataym” after “TV Patrol Weekend” on ABS-CBN. For more updates, log on to or follow abscbndotcom on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Jojit Lorenzo

4 Comments on Albie Casino has a Magical Wallet in ‘Wansapanataym’ this Saturday

  1. hahha

  2. albie dont yah worrie sa mga comment ng iba hahah baka sila ang bastard hindi ikaw ang easy nila mag judge sayo hahaha banatan natin go go go we are here to support u i love u 🙂

  3. akala ko pinocchio and kwento sa wansapanatym.

  4. Waaahh..ang Guapo nya talaga.

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