Solenn Heussaff Unleashes Her Wild Side with ‘Teen Wolf’ on AXN Beyond

The talented actress, singer, model, VJ, painter and designer is chosen as the new ‘Wolf Mate’ ambassador for the fresh TV drama series, Teen Wolf.

She’s in huge fashion spreads, on billboards and is gracing some of the biggest events in town. She’s on TV and is about to release her new music album. Yet, the ‘It’ girl of the moment is not stopping there. Solenn Heussaff is unleashing her charms, talents and even her wild side from July on cable television channel AXN Beyond!

The talented actress, singer, model, VJ, painter and designer is the new ‘Wolf Mate’ ambassador for the fresh TV drama series, Teen Wolf, the next big show of the popular supernatural action-romance genre.

Premiering Sunday, 17 July at 9pm on AXN Beyond, Teen Wolf stars Tyler Posey (Lincoln Heights, Brother and Sisters) as Scott, a hapless high school boy-turned-teenage werewolf. Suppressing his wolfish instincts and urges, Scott falls for the mysterious new girl in town, Allison (Crystal Reed, Skyline). And as it turns out, Allison’s father leads a family of werewolf hunters whom Scott must contend with, while fighting off other werewolves also out to get him.
As the face of Teen Wolf, Solenn will be promoting the dark and riveting series through an on-air and on-line campaign for AXN Beyond through to September 2011. “I had a sneak preview of the premiering episode of Teen Wolf and was absolutely smitten by its premise, characters and intensity. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the story unfolds on AXN Beyond! Its sexiness, great writing, humour and fresh-faced cast makes Teen Wolf different from the gamut of shows in the genre and it is one I would recommend my fans to enjoy with me,” said Solenn.

On the AXN Beyond channel, a series of stylish promos will spotlight Solenn in show introductions as well as reviews of various episodes to tease and engage viewers. In addition, on-air vignettes will also feature her sharing all things Teen Wolf, from exclusive interviews with the show’s cast members to her own lifestyle and fashion tips to ‘unleashing her wild side’.

Recruiting viewers online into her ‘Wolf Pack’ on her personal Facebook page, Solenn will reward her followers with specially produced and exclusive Teen Wolf-themed multimedia content via AXN Beyond’s official website, Facebook and Twitter pages.
Online, the Teen Wolf ‘Wolf Mate’ will post daily fun updates, interesting trivia and links via her personal Facebook and Twitter accounts. She will share her thoughts about the Teen Wolf series, announce viewer contests, and even share unreleased or behind-the-scenes video footage of the show.
For the campaign, Solenn will also sizzle in various exclusively shot picture sets that will be unveiled online each week to reward her ‘Wolf Pack’ members. And to give the Teen Wolf viewing experience extra bite, fans will have the opportunity to chat ‘live’ on Facebook with Solenn while catching selected episodes along with her.

“Through this interactive and engaging campaign, I wish to reach out on a more personal level to my fans and all viewers of AXN Beyond to share a fun and exciting viewing experience with me. It is my hope that everyone will join my ‘Wolf Pack’ on-air and on-line for an adventure into the wild side with Teen Wolf!” added Solenn.

On the campaign, Mr. Gregory Ho, Vice President, Communications, Digital & Marketing, English Content at Sony Pictures Television Networks, Asia said, “Solenn is without doubt the hottest star of the moment. She is the perfect ‘Wolf Mate’ for the hottest new show on AXN Beyond this year. It is our hope that this collaboration with her will add a whole new dimension to the viewing experience and treasured relationship with our loyal viewers in the Philippines.”

The campaign for Teen Wolf featuring Solenn Heussaff began rolling out from 6 July on the AXN Beyond channel and its website, Facebook and Twitter pages, along with Solenn’s personal social networking media accounts.

Teen Wolf begins 17 July, Sunday at 9pm, first & exclusively on AXN Beyond, simulcasting on AXN & Animax in a premiere event.

Subsequent episodes air on Mondays at 9pm only on AXN Beyond.


Watch the trailer of “Teen Wolf” here:

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