Claudine Barretto Topbills GMA-7’s ‘Spooky Nights Presents: Nuno sa Feng Shui’

Claudine Barretto celebrates birthday month in GMA-7's Spooky Nights.

Weekend TV viewers will see a different Claudine Barreto beginning tonight, July 2, in GMA-7’s Spooky Nights Presents: Nuno sa Feng Shui.

In celebration of her birthday month, the Kapuso actress stars in the horror-comedy series as Mila, a woman cursed by a “nuno” since childhood. She may have a beautiful face but her hips and legs are just unusually and distractingly huge.

Mila lives a pretty plain life–she works in a store, takes care of her bedridden father and believes she will be an old maid. Thus, she often daydreams and fascinates herself with Chinese astrology and charms.

Mila’s life only becomes really colorful when she meets Stephen Lee (TJ Trinidad), the only son of her Chinese employers. While Mila tries her best to attract Stephen, the latter does not even notice her or her clumsiness due to her enormous lower body.

One night, Mila gives food to an old beggar and shares with him her sentiments about her life and her disfigured body. The man then presents to her a magical charm bracelet with a love potion that she has to rub three times against Stephen’s right hand to make him fall for her.

After many funny and desperate attempts, Mila succeeds in using the charm bracelet and Stephen gets smitten by her. However, this also starts many complications in her life.

Stephen’s superstitious mother, Mrs. Lee (Tiya Pusit), does not approve of Mila, a non-Chinese girl who is their store helper and whose zodiac sign is incompatible with Stephen’s. It is also revealed that the old beggar Mila helped is actually the “nuno” who cursed her!

Is the “nuno” really helping Mila with her love problem? Or is he only scheming to take more from her? Will love be real love if only an enchanted bracelet made it happen?

Expect more twist and turns in the story as Mila strives to keep Stephen’s love and overcome her curse. Director Uro Q. Dela Cruz and Head Writer Senedy Que collaborate to give new flavor to the fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast, by adding a mix of Filipino folkore and Chinese beliefs.

Completing the cast of Spooky Nights Presents: Nuno sa Feng Shui are: Marco Alcaraz as Nunok, the “nuno” who cursed Mila; Daniel Fernando as Aldo, Mila’s heartless and bedridden father; and Munting Heredera child star Mona Louise Rey as the young Mila.

Spooky Nights Presents: Nuno sa Feng Shui begins tonight (July 2) after Carlo J. Caparas’ Andres de Saya on GMA-7.

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