Claudine Barretto Shares Spotlight with Iza Calzado Tonight on ‘Claudine’

The two award-winning actresses portray sisters in tonight's episode (July 10) of GMA-7's drama anthology show Claudine.

Tonight, July 10, Claudine Barretto shares the spotlight with another award-winning dramatic actress Iza Calzado in the “Sapi” episode of the weekly drama anthology Claudine.

This will serve as a reunion of sorts for Claudine and Iza since they starred in the 2004 movie Milan.

The July 10 episode of Claudine (“Sapi”) tells the story of two girls who were both adopted by a couple who couldn’t bear a child.

As they reach their adolescent years, Isay (Claudine Barretto) decides to stay in the province while Teresa (Iza Calzado) chooses to venture in the city and pursue a career in medicine.

Years later, Isay contracts a rare illness with an unknown cause prompting Teresa to return to her hometown and find a cure for her dying sister.

Little do they know that their reunion will not only reveal the reasons behind Isay’s mysterious disease but also secrets buried beneath their past.

What could be this deep and dark secret that Isay and Teresa have in common? Will they be able to unravel the answers that will put an end to Isay’s suffering before it’s too late?

Directed by Argel Joseph, “Sapi” also stars Elizabeth Oropesa, Al Tantay, and Alvin Aragon. Catch Claudine this Saturday after Pinoy Records on GMA-7.

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