GMA Network Posts 18% Growth in 1st Quarter of 2011

GMA Network hits P3.138 billion in regular advertising and subscription accounts in the 1st Quarter of 2011.

GMA Network, Incorporated (GMA) started 2011 on the upward trend with an 18 percent growth in consolidated gross revenues from regular advertising and subscription accounts in the first three months to P3.138 billion from P2.652 billion delivered same period last year, after stripping off P973 million worth of political ads.

Airtime revenues delivered by platforms television and radio from regular advertisers grew by 21 percent to P2.865 billion from P2.367 billion. Flagship business unit Channel 7, which is now the acknowledged national ratings leader from January to date, and GMA Radio hiked regular advertising revenues by 25 percent and 19 percent, respectively.

GMA International made subscription and advertising revenues worth P230 million this first quarter. The amount is higher by three percent in dollar terms, but down by two percent due to the appreciation of the peso.

Continuing to build on its global brand, international channels GMA Pinoy TV (GPTV) and GMA Life TV (GLTV) hiked subscriptions by 10 percent and two percent, respectively, this first quarter. GMA International likewise readies for the launch of GMA News TV (GNTV) international edition in July.

On the other hand, GMA’s syndication sales and acquisition arm, GMA Worldwide, Incorporated (GWI), sold P6.6 million worth of programs with new markets in Kenya, Tanzania, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Brunei.

Meanwhile, newly launched GNTV made P12 million from its launch in February 28 till end March. GNTV is the first and only free-to-air news and public affairs channel on VHF (Very High Frequency). Because it is on free TV, viewers do not need to pay a cable service provider to get the latest news and information.

Net income for the quarter reached P534 million, a dip from P855 million recorded during the same period last year, which was mainly driven by political advocacies and advertisements in the top line.

GMA continues to thrive amid a non-election year with a modest increase in its total operating expenses (OPEX) by three percent to P1.989 billion. General and administrative expenses increased by 14 percent or by P114 million from P800 million to P914 million due to the Company’s promotional activities in the regions to further establish its nationwide presence. The amount invested on ads and promotions almost doubled to P113 million during the first three months.

The quarter finished with earnings before income, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) worth P926 million, 34 percent behind last year’s P1.413 billion.

GMA Chairman and CEO Atty. Felipe L. Gozon remains confident that GMA will deliver better financial performance in the succeeding months with GMA continuously emerging a ratings winner despite stiffer competition.

“GMA maintains its lead in audience share from January 2011 to date. With majority of the country’s population now attuned to GMA, I look forward to a more solid liaison with our partners, the advertisers and viewing public alike,” said Gozon.

On television, GMA has gone beyond ABS-CBN in national television ratings since the opening of 2011 and has managed to uphold its leadership position until today. This is according to Nielsen TV Audience Measurement – the broadcast industry’s most trusted ratings service provider.

Based on household data surveyed in National Urban Philippines this April, GMA garnered 33.2 household audience share points, higher than ABS-CBN’s 31.3 and TV5’s 14.7.

In Urban Luzon, which comprises 77 percent of total television households nationwide, GMA’s lead over competing networks remained at double digit levels. The Kapuso Network sustained its strong ratings performance in the said area with 36.8 share points, 10.4 points ahead of ABS-CBN’s 26.4; and 20.6 points ahead of TV5’s 16.2.

In viewer-rich Mega Manila, which covers 58 percent of total television households nationwide, GMA garnered 37.6 share points, 12.8 points up from ABS-CBN’s 24.8; and 20.5 points higher than TV5’s 17.1.

Furthermore, nationwide ratings data from January 1 to April 30 show that GMA delivered superior performance in audience shares with 33.6 points, up from ABS-CBN’s 31.7 points and from TV5’s 15.1 points.

For the same period in Urban Luzon, GMA registered an imposing 37.1 share points, higher than ABS-CBN’s 26.7 by 10.4 and TV5’s 16.9 share points by 20.2 points.

Year to date figures for Mega Manila show that GMA-7 posted 38.2 audience share points versus ABS-CBN’s 25.1 and TV5’s 17.7 for a lead of 13.1 and 20.5 points respectively.

Meanwhile, GNTV made a historic high ratings record during its coverage of the Royal Wedding last April 29. Throughout the wedding ceremony with live footage straight from Westminster Abbey from 5:00 to 8:00pm, GNTV hit 13.3 household rating – next to Channel 7’s 18.6 rating for the same coverage. GNTV and Channel 7 delivered the highest ratings during the day.

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  2. my gosh! kanguso look at this! // May 22, 2011 at 9:07 am //

    lahat ng yan copy paste ng kanguso! kung nagkaroon man kau ng awards internationally hehehhe! dahil yan sa pangongopya nyo dinagdagan nyo lang kumbaga inimprove nyo lang mahilig kc kau man lamang na galing sa pangongopya!

  3. my gosh! kanguso look at this! // May 22, 2011 at 9:02 am //

    January 7th, 2011 at 8:51 pm
    ABS-CBN vs GMA: The Fact!
    *Unang TV station
    sa Pilipinas:
    [ABSCBN: BEC (1946) / GMA: RBS (1950)]
    *Unang commercial TV broadcaster sa ASIA!:
    [ABSCBN: (1953) / GMA: (1975)]
    *Unang TV station na nag-introduce ng color television noong 1960s:
    [ABSCBN: (1966) / GMA: (1979)]
    *Unang TV station na nag-introduce ng TV logo:
    [ABSCBN: Sarimanok (1967) / GMA: Rainbow Satellite (1988)]
    *Unang TV station na nag-cover ng isang marathon coverage:
    [ABSCBN: Halalan ‘68 (1968) / GMA: Election ‘92 (1992)]
    *Unang Tv station na nag-live transmittion sa buong mundo via Satellite!:
    [ABSCBN: Apollo 11, Moon Landing (1969) / GMA: Papal Visit ‘95 (1995)]
    *Unang TV company na nag-introduce ng OB (Outside Broadcast) Van:
    [ABSCBN: (1973) / GMA: (1989)]
    *Unang TV station na gumamit ng Satellite broadcasting sa Pilipinas:
    [ABSCBN: Sarimanok Satellite (1990) / GMA: Republic Broadcasting Grp.
    *Unang TV station na nag-established ng regional network group sa
    [ABSCBN: ABSCBN Reg’l. Netw. Grp. (1990) / GMA: RGMA (2000)]
    *Unang TV station na nag-taped ng International Telecast:
    [ABSCBN: PanAmSat (1990) / GMA: Agila Satellite, owned by PLDT (1997)]
    *Unang TV station na nag-exclusive ng international broadcast right:
    [ABSCBN: Barcelona Olympic ‘92 (1992) / GMA: Bitoys Funniest Videos
    *Unang TV station na nag-introduce ng terrestial network sa Pilipinas.
    [ABSCBN: TFC The Filipino Channel (1994) / GMA: GMA Pinoy TV (2003)]
    *Unang TV station na gumamit ng 3D weather forecasting
    state-of-the- art facilities.
    [ABSCBN: (1996) / GMA: (1997-1999) today, none.
    *Unang TV station sa Pilipinas na nagwagi sa Asian TV Awards.
    [ABSCBN: Asian TV Awards Best Actor, Roderick Paulate, Maalaala Mo
    Kaya (1996) /
    GMA: Asian TV Awards Channel of the Year, 1st Runner-Up (2001)]
    *Unang TV station sa Pilipinas na nagwagi ng Terrestial Network of the
    Year sa Asian TV Awards:
    [ABSCBN: (2000, 2001, 2003) / GMA: (2005)]
    *Unang TV station sa Pilipinas na nagwagi ng Channel of the Year sa
    Asian TV Awards:
    [ABSCBN: (2002) / GMA: none]
    *Unang TV network na nag-introduce ng Film Production:
    [ABSCBN: Star Cinema, Inc. (1993) / GMA: GMA Films (1999)]
    PART 2
    *Unang TV network na nag-introduce ng Music Recording Co.:
    [ABSCBN: Star Records, Inc. (1994) / GMA: GMA Records (2002)]
    *Unang TV station na nag-introduce ng Interactive Media Website:
    [ABSCBN: ABSCBN Interactive, (1996) / GMA: (2001)
    renovated: 2004]
    *Unang TV station na nagkaroon ng Secondary Terrestial Channel sa
    [ABSCBN: AMCARA broadcasting c/o MTV Asia channel 23 (1991) / GMA:
    Citynet 27 (1997) now, QTV (2005)]
    *Unang TV Secondary Terrestial Channel na nag-success until now:
    [ABSCBN: Studio 23 c/o MTV Asia (1996) / GMA: Citynet 27 (1997) now,
    QTV (2005)]
    *Unang TV station na nag-introduce ng Online Stream:
    [ABSCBN: PinoyCentral. com (1999) / GMA: (2003)]
    *ABSCBN vs GMA: Unang FM radio station:
    [ABSCBN: WRR 101.9fm (1996, Sep) / GMA: WLS 97.1fm (1996, Dec)]
    *ABSCBN vs GMA: Unang AM radio station:
    [ABSCBN: DZAQ AM (1967) now, DZMM 630khZ (1986) / GMA: DZBS AM (1974)
    now, DZBB 594khZ (1988)]
    *Unang Tv station na nagkaroon ng Live Stream sa Internet:
    [ABSCBN: ABSCBN Now! (2002) / GMA: (2004)]
    *Unang TV station na na-established ng Foundation:
    [ABSCBN: ABSCBN Lingkod Bayan Foundation (1992) / GMA: Kapuso
    Foundation (2003)]
    *Unang TV station na nag-introduce ng fun run:
    [ABSCBN: Takbo para sa Kalikasan (2000) / GMA: GMA Fun Run (2004)]
    *Unang TV station na gumamit ng single-word slogan:
    [ABSCBN: Kapamilya (2002) / GMA: Kapuso (2003)]
    *Unang Tv station na may pinakamaraming nanood ng sabay-sabay ng isang
    tv event sa isang araw sa kasaysayan:
    [ABSCBN: Hataw Pacquiao, Laban ng Bayan (2006) / GMA: none at this time]
    *Unang Locally TV Produced TV station na nag-produce ng programa na
    nakakuha ng Pinakamataas ng Ratings sa kasaysayan:
    [ABSCBN: Hataw Pacquiao, Laban ng Bayan (2006) / GMA: none at this time]
    *Unang TV station na nag-hit ang isang Asianovela (orig. from Taiwan)/
    Unang TV station na nagpalabas ng Asianovela sa Pilipinas / at
    Pinakamataas na Ratings sa lahat ng Asianovela sa kasaysayan, 57.2%:
    [ABSCBN: Meteor Garden (2003, May) / GMA: 5566 (2003, Nov)]
    ==ang IBC ang pinakaunang tv station na nagpalabas ng Asianovela, pero
    hindi pa kilala ang word na Asianovela noon, yun ay yung Amazing
    Twins! Pero ang Amazing Twins ay hindi sakop ng IBC 13 at ito ay
    handle ng VTV – Viva television (Primetime Block lamang ng IBC noon,
    kasabayan noon yung Who wants 2 be a Millionaire, Weakest links,
    etc… However, mas nauna pa rin ang ABSCBN kaysa sa GMA sa
    pag-introduce ng Asianovela. Period!
    PART 3
    *Syempre, Unang Tv station pa rin na nag-introduce ng Koreanovela sa
    [ABSCBN: The TRUTH (2003, Sep) / GMA: Endless Love (2003, Nov)]
    *Unang TV station na nakakuha ng Pinakamataas na Ratings na Koreanovela:
    [ABSCBN: Lovers in Paris, 53.6% 3rd to finale episode (2004) / GMA:
    Jewel in The Palace, 48.4% as of (March 29, 2006)…]
    *Unang TV station na nag-introduce ng nationwide caravan:
    [ABSCBN: Kapamilya Caravan (2003) / GMA: GMA Kapuso Karavan (2005)]
    *ABSCBN vs GMA: Unang Tv station na nag-aired ng Latin Telenovelas:
    [ABSCBN: Maria Mercedes (1996) / GMA: Agujetas de Color de Rosa (1997)
    *Unang TV station na nagkaroon ng Locally Teleserye/Soap Opera Series:
    [ASBCBN: Mara Clara (1991) / GMA: Ikaw lang ang Mamahalin (1998)]
    *Unang TV station na nagkaroon ng Primetime Block:
    [ABSCBN: 5 to Sawa! (1997) today, Primetime Bida, year 2002 / GMA:
    Telebabad (2004)]
    *Unang TV station na nagkaroon ng signing contract sa International
    [ABSCBN: Endemol (2005) / GMA: (yung sa celebrity duets) 2007]
    *Tanging TV station na nagkamit ng pinakamaraming incoming text
    (votes) sa kasaysayan:
    [ABSCBN: Star Circle Quest Grand Questors Night “Sandara Park” highest
    votes: 1.858 million votes (2004, April) /
    GMA: Starstruck Final Judgment “Rainier Castillo” votes: 1.397 million
    votes (2004, Feb)
    *Unang TV station na nag-established ng talent center and workshops:
    [ABSCBN: Talent Center (1993) / GMA: Artist Center (2001)]
    *Pinakaunang TV station na gumawa ng TeleFantasya/ Fantaserye Series sa
    [ABSCBN: MARINA (2004) / GMA: Marinara (comedy) (2004 din)
    ABSCBN: One of the world’s Most Modern Broadcasting Facilities in the
    World! Lining up with CNN Atlanta, ABC New York, CBS Los Angeles, CCTV
    Shanghai and Hongkong, NHK World Tokyo and BBC London.
    ABSCBN: Only Sophisticated Broadcasting Center in Asia Pacific!
    ABSCBN: Tanging network sa Pilipinas ang gumagamit ng pinakamatagal ng
    seal slogan hanggang ngayon: “In the Service of the Filipino” since 1990s
    ABSCBN: Humanitarian Services: Bantay Bata, Bantay Kalikasan, ABSCBN
    Bayan Foundation.
    ABSCBN: Ang nananatiling pinakamalaki at pinakamalawak na broadcasting
    network and multimedia company sa Pilipinas.
    ABSCBN: Unang broadcasting company sa ASIA na nag-live feed throughout
    Asia from Europe para sa Ms. Universe 1969 kung saan tamang-tamang
    nanalo ang Ms. Phils. c/o Ms. Gloria Diaz noong 1969.
    PART 4
    ABSCBN: Tanging TV station na umabot ng 49.2% Audience Share sa Metro
    Manila.(ewan ko lang ngayon, manipulated–>marimar?)
    ABSCBN: At, tanging TV station din na umabot ng 72.1% Audience Share
    sa buong Pilipinas.
    ABSCBN: Unang TV station na nag-exclusive broadcast right sa buong
    mundo, Ms. Universe 1994.
    ABSCBN: Unang TV station na umabot sa 58% Ratings ng isang programa sa
    Pilipinas, Esperanza (1997).
    ABSCBN: Unang TV station sa buong ASIA na ang Ratings ay umabot sa
    78.3% Ratings ng isang programa sa kasaysayan, Rosalinda (2000).
    ABSCBN: Unang TV station sa buong ASIA PACIFIC na umabot sa 83.5%
    Ratings ng isang TV Event sa kasaysayan, Hataw Pacquiao, Laban ng
    Bayan, 2006.
    ABSCBN: Affiliates: Myx, ANC ABSCBN News Channel, Cinema One,
    Lifestyle Network, Knowledge Channel.
    (Some of the PRESENT programs/segments of ABSCBN copied with GMA)
    Ala Singko Y Medya (now, Magandang Umaga Pilipinas) –> Unang Hirit
    (nanindigan para mas matagal sila)
    Morning Girls with Kris and Korina –> Sis (ganun din! papaabutin ng
    10 years, kahit nakakasawa)
    Pera o Bayong (1 Million pesos) MTB, now on Wowowee! –> Meron o Wala
    (now, Laban o Bawi P1M) Eat Bulaga (ganun din!)
    Star Circle Kid Quest –> Starstruck Kids (mas sikat pa rin ang SCQ kids)
    TV Patrol (now, TV Patrol World) –> Many GMA News Progs. like Saksi
    with Mike Enriquez (Now, 24 Oras)(ayoko ng palengkerong newscaster,
    ganyan ba ang newscaster, dapat matino at hindi mabilis at
    pinagtatawanan, diba?)
    TV Patrol with Korina Sanches and Julius Babao –> 24 Oras with Mel
    Tiangco and Mike Enriquez (grabe! talaga!)
    Star Patrol –> Chikka Minute! (pati un?)
    Pulis Patrol –> Alerto 24 (at eto pa?)
    The World Tonight (now, Insider) –> GMA Network News (now, Saksi) (I
    Star In a Million –> Pinoy Pop Superstar!!! (kita ang ebidensya!)
    The Correspondents –> i-Witness
    Little Big Star –> Popstar Kids (on QTV) (kita rin ang ebidensya!)
    MAALAALA MO KAYA –> Magpakailanman (mas lalo na ITO!!!)
    Super Laff-in –> Bubble Gang (I remember)
    Mga Imbestigador Ng Bayan –> Imbestigador (yeah, i know si Ted Failon
    pa nga iyun)
    Balitang OFW (on ANC) –> Pinoy Abroad (i see, parehong pareho, kala
    nyo di ako nanonood ng ANC ha?)
    Kontrobersyal (before Celebrity) now, Current Affairs Prog. –>
    Showbiz Stripped (kasi ito eh! gaya gaya rin)
    ASAP –> SOP (of course!!!)
    ASAP Fanatic –> Gigster (Mas lalo na ito, kita ang ebidensya, same na
    same ang format!)
    The Buzz –> S Files (3 host din?)
    Nginnig –> Kakaba Kaba – Wag kukurap – Kakaba Kaba Boo with
    chakadoll! Then, back to Wag kukurap (nauwi sa wala!)
    Wansapanataym (before) –> Mahiwagang Baul (pati Sunday schedule,
    ginaya rin!)
    Going Bulilit –> Bubble Gang Junior na naging Kids and then gone! (di
    nila kaya!)
    Rated K –> Kapuso mo, Jessica Soho (puro kainan ang alam!)
    Marina –> Marinara (hay naku, pati title, konti na lang… sinobrahan
    pa ng “ra” sa dulo! hay buhay!!! kung hindi sa marina, wala yang mga
    telefantasyang yan! sangayon, puro ka-Majican dito at doon,
    nakakasawa! kawawa naman si Dennis Trillo at nadamay pa)
    Latest: Komiks –> Fantastikids (ba un?) replace Wag Kukurap (eto pa?)
    Na-inggit at bumalik ang Local Soap Opera sa GMA, ang gimik, sa ibang
    bansa ang shoot: Bituing Walang Ningning –> I Love New York (tignan
    lang natin..)
    Di po magaya ang PBB sa GMA kasi di talaga kaya… un lang!

  4. SARDINAS, NOODLES GALING KAY GOZON // May 22, 2011 at 7:23 am //

    hindi nagbebenta nng shares ang gma kasi wala namang gustong bumili….

  5. sus. halos lahat naman yata ng award giving body dito sa pilipinas eh hawak ng ABS-CBN kaya sa tuwing my mga awards night cla humahakot lahat, parang naglolokohan lang sila. sila nagpagawa ng mga trophy ng mga sarili nilang artista para sa award n un. hahaha!!!! Ang GMA nakakakuha pa rin kahit gnun kasi they deserved. at mga wala namang credibility yang mga award giving body na yan eh, mga bias!!! eh ang mga international?? hindi. wehehehe!! ano ka??

  6. In q2, ABS-CBN’s income would decrease to 300 million pesos because of the lack of selling of shares.

  7. NASILIP MU B UNG MGA IBANG POST D2? NAKUMPIRMA YAN NG MGA AWARD-GIVING BODIES N SINALIHAN NUN. S inyo pinagmamalaki ninyo ang LOCAL AWARDS n alam nting BINABAYARAN? AT ung mga awards n tinatawag mung cheap, edi cheap din pla ang cnn, nbc, cbs, fox at abc n mga MLALAKING MGA NETWORK S AMERIKA? Lalu n UNITED NATIONS, KNILALA ANG GMA NETWORK TPOS CHEAP? Tignan mu muna sarili mu at BINABASTOS MU LALU N UNITED NATIONS. Kau ang cheap. Nanalo ang mga shows ng GMA s ibang bansa rin. At anu ngaun qng s documentaries cla ng excel. At least eh MAS MARAMI KMING AWARDS INTERNATIONALLY PRO KAU, WLA P S KLAHATI ANG INT’L AWARDS NINYO S GMA EH.

    GMA Network: TRULY Class A and World Class na maipagmamalaki ng pilipinas.

  8. family_first // May 21, 2011 at 11:55 pm //

    The consolidated net income of ABS-CBN Corporation registered P976 million for the first three months of the year ending March 31, 2011.

  9. hindi aq ngiisa ri2 at MARAMI tlaga. Hindi kmi cheap at ung tinatawag mung CHEAP n mga awards ay kasama doon ang mga PINAKAPINAGKAKATIWALAANG MGA ISTASYON S BUONG MUNDO. Bkit? nkipagkompetensya n kau s:



  10. Welma Galbantot // May 21, 2011 at 11:37 pm //

    Asus kung magsalita naman ang nag-iisang kanguso dito na nagpapanggap na marami “kuno” sila eh parang Kanguso Stesyun lang ang may nominations and awards internationally. Palibhasa big deal na sa inyo yan kasi puro kayo cheap at low class.
    My gosh! May mga pinag-aralan ba ang mga kanguso? Para kasing di nila ma-differentiate ang class at cheap. Para kasi sa mga kanguso, ang cheap ay synonymous to class. Yuck! Mag-aral muna kayo mga bopols na kanguso! hahahaha!

  11. sa tingin mo manonominate sa EMMY’s yang mga kacheapan na yan? Ang taas naman sa ilusyon mo teh!

    Kung magpapaka delusional ka, wag mo namang pasobrahan, baka matuluyan ka! cge, ikaw rin ang kawawa! hahahaha!

    coming from you, hatalang cheap at mababaw ang taste mo. maganda ang nita negrita at i heart you pare? Eeewww. No wonder ganyan ang mga shows ng GMewww kasi alam nila na cheapangga ang mga viewers nila.

    And kung nanalo man ang GMewww internationally, not for their shows but for their documentaries. Dyan lang naman magaling ang GMEwww, pagdating sa iba puro kacheapan na!

  12. @ 157-158 // May 21, 2011 at 11:24 pm //

    mganda nman ang i heart u pare ha at tsaka ang Alakdana at Nita Negrita ay PINAKAIN KAU NG ALIKABOK. Sandamakma n shows ninyo ang tinalo ng 2 yan. Eh panu qng mparangalan cla s Asian tv awards o s New York Festival Awards at mas maganda, MANOMINATE S EMMYS ung mga shows n un. Cge paano kau mgsasalita?

  13. @ 157-158 // May 21, 2011 at 11:18 pm //

    Tignan mu 2 o, nsa website 2 ng peabody noong nanalo cla noong 1999:

    The heart wrenching stories exposed by GMA Network represent a comprehensive and on-going effort to depict the complexity of social problems in a region rife with political and social unrest. Executive producer Marissa Flores, with a talented team of producers, writer, directors and reporters, including Jessica Soho, Michelle Seva-Recto, Jay Taruc, Leogarda Sanchez and Rowel Cornejo, and powerful videography by Melchor Quintos and Gregg Gonzales, delve into the hardships shared by many Filipinos. In Kidneys for Sale, GMA Network entered a depressed area along the shores of Manila Bay and revealed how a colony of unemployed men have sold their kidneys for an average of $2,500 US dollars. After the documentary aired the government was forced to step in and impose regulations. GMA also entered the ring in its revealing investigation of the local boxing industry. The GMA expos? went beyond the few champions who have become rich and famous to expose the corruption and exploitation that mars the sport. In perhaps its most courageous investigation, GMA investigators exposed the plight of child workers in a three-part series shown on the news magazine Brigada Siete. The story documented how children in the provinces were deceived by shrewd recruiters and were lured into forced labor conditions in the city. In unforgettable images, the reports illustrated how GMA initiated the rescue of the imprisoned young workers and facilitated their return to their families for its outstanding commitment to investigative reporting, and for its efforts to achieve social change.


  14. @ 157-158 // May 21, 2011 at 11:11 pm //

    hindi p b patunay sau ang mga INTERNATIONAL AWARDS NG GMA S BUONG MUNDO PRA MLAMAN MU N CLA ANG TUNAY N CLASS A AT WORLD CLASS? Una mung kausapin ang United Nations at ang ICRC jan ha ksi cla ang ngpatunay pti peabody, new york festivals, promax bda awards, us international film and festival awards at iba p LALO N ANG EMMYS N NINOMINATE ANG MAGDUSA K NG GMA. Sabihin mu s kanila un ksi CLA ANG NGBIGAY S GMA Network ng mga parangal n un.

    GMA Network: TRULY Class A and World Class na maipagmamalaki ng pilipinas.

  15. Kangusong Totoo // May 21, 2011 at 11:10 pm //

    GMewww Truly Class D and E & Squatters Class TB Stesyun!

  16. Welma Galbantot // May 21, 2011 at 11:07 pm //

    mga kanguso talaga puro utang na naman ang pinagsasabi? yan lang ang alam nio? palibhasa mga b0p0ls kayong lahat!

    iba ang klase ng utang ng mga big companies at ng utang sa tiyangge(na tanging alam niyo!), palibhasa mga walang alam sa business! mga mal-edukado at mahina ang kokorte ng mga kanguso!

  17. The headline and the way ABS said that about their net income is very misleading. The core income of ABS is 302 million pesos only if you less income from SKY Cable. I don’t know how Valdueza say ABS is on track to hit 3.2 billion when income from operations is only 302 million. Maybe ABS is looking to sell more assets in the coming months.

    It means that ABS-CBN sold their assets for them to reach their 3 billion target but it is not why because ABS-CBN seems to be desperate to get that target even though it will jeopardize their operations. Maybe in Q2 until the last quarter of 2011, abs-cbn will sell their assets, stocks and shares just to get their target and I think that there will be a new leadership in the network maybe in other companies like ayala or something because of selling of their assets.

  18. Welma Galbantot // May 21, 2011 at 11:04 pm //

    GMewww Class A ang World Class?

    sigurado ba kayo mga kanguso?

    World Class at Class A ang Nita Negrita, Alakdana, at I Heart You Pare? Patawa kayo? ahahahaha!

    Baka sa world niyo lang may class ang mga yan? Puro kasi kayo kacheapan at kabobohan! ahahahaha!

  19. Welma Galbantot // May 21, 2011 at 11:01 pm //

    mga kanguso! ang uugok niyo!
    sisihin niyo ang mga magulang niyo dahil nagmana kayo sa kabobohan nila! hahahaha!

  20. e2 ang 22o o

    1st quarter profit

    GMA-534 million
    ABS-302 million

  21. Anonymous // May 21, 2011 at 10:56 pm //

    pataas ang kita ng GMA s taong ito s katunayan ay bubuksan ata ang GMA Ormoc anytime this year kya antay lng kau. HINDI TOTOO n nalulugi ang GMA bka ung s kabila ang nalulugi. Tsaka STocks ang basehan ninyo s pagiging no.1? wla n b kau maibintang kundi un at un n lng? At tsaka ung s issue vs agb nielsen, nkita doon n BINASTOS ng abs-cbn ang agb nielsen.

  22. patawa highlighted yung gross revenue
    pero the truth is at ang mas importante
    NET INCOME 1st Q: GMA-587M, ABS-900+M

  23. tlaga? MAS PWEE ANG ABS-CBN. Qng sinasabi mu n mrami kaung awards, eh NASAAN? Ang nagsalita d2 ay ang mga PRESTIHIYOSONG AWARD-GIVING BODIES NG BUONG MUNDO. Bka ung cnasabi mu eh d2 lng s pilipinas. Sumisikat ang mga artista NG GMA at si Claudine at Heart ay HINDI LUMULUBOG. At copycat ang news ng GMA? Qng ginawa nmin un edi sana, WALA KMING INTERNATIONAL AWARDS. Ke leviste lng ung cnasabi mu eh s GMA nga ginaya ng abs-cbn ung s balitang PATAY NA SI BIN LADEN. di ba? Mas malaking balita un. Nauna i-broadcast ng GMA News tv un kesa s ANC. At tsaka PAKI Q KE LEVISTE d nman mlaking balita un eh.

  24. Tlaga? Kau ang ngpasimula ng network war d2 s pilipinas kya k ganyan. Alam mu, ang GMA hindi ngbebenta ng shares nila ksi maayos ang leadership nila at uulitin q s inyo ha 2YEARS p lng ang GMA s PSE kya MANAHIMIK KAU. Pg nagsara ang GMA, HINDI N UUNLAD ANG ATING TV INDUSTRY. At uulitin q sau, BASURA N ANG KASI N YAN KYA BKIT MU P RIN BINIBINTANG YAN? Pandaraya s ratings b kamo, S KANTAR NINYO EH NO.1 N KMI. AMININ NINYO. 220 ung sinasabi ng GMA. Bkit? ksi TOP TAXPAYER CLA NG QC. At cnasbi mu nanguuto cla? Mangarap k ksi KATOTOHANAN ANG CNASABI NILA. IKAW ANG UTO-UTO D2. I’M A FORMER KAPAMILYA, UMALIS N Q NOONG 2004 KSI NGIGING BASTOS N ANG ABS-CBN.

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