Abner Mercado Reveals Two Faces of Mining in ‘Krusada’

The subject of mining joins the Reproductive Health bill among the most-debated issues in the country today. Some favor it as it brings jobs to Filipinos and income to the country. But some also blame it for destroying our natural resources and endangering lives.

Get to the bottom of the issue as ABS-CBN correspondent Abner Mercado presents an in-depth report this Thursday (May 12) on “Krusada.” Decide which stand to take as Abner gives a balanced take on the topic by featuring the people who are directly affected by and involved in mining.

Talks against mining came up again after 14 people died in a recent landslide at Compostela Valley, where there are mining operations. Abner, who has taken a stand against mining, also talked about the dangers of mining in his report on the “No to Mining” campaign in “Krusada” last March.
However, many still want mining to continue in the country, especially those whose family members are employed by mining companies. The monthly wages and benefits they get from mining are just too much for them to give up.

Which side are you on? Because it takes more than words to make a stand, listen, take part and be one in “Krusada” with Abner Mercado’s report this Thursday (May 12), after “Bandila” on ABS-CBN.

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