Lady Gaga Performs ‘Born This Way’ at the Grammys

Lady Gaga debuts her latest single with a live performance at the ongoing Grammy Awards.

This is the reason whe she arrived at the Grammys earlier inside a gigantic egg. It’s part of her much-awaited first live-performance of her new song “Born this Way.” Get it? The egg?

The number was introduced by no less than Ricky Martin!

Watch the video here:

4 Comments on Lady Gaga Performs ‘Born This Way’ at the Grammys

  1. talaga?????bakla??? hahahaha.pathetic.
    by the way.,ganda ng song at nung performance.

  2. tranny, shemale, baklang gaga

  3. imortal the best and number 1 show

    angel locsin primetime queen

    imortal rulezzz

  4. Tammy lucar // February 14, 2011 at 12:45 pm //

    I love lady gaga.

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